Ministry Contacts

EFCA National Office
(952) 854-1300
(800) 745-2202

Accounting Services
(952) 853-8460

Administration and Finance

501c3 tax exempt status for churches
(952) 853-8441

African-American Ministries

Connect to resources for EFCA African-American ministry leaders.

Allegheny District

Eastern Ohio, western Maryland, western New York, western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
(952) 853-8440
(800) 995-8571

Bible and Theology

For help and answers to EFCA doctrine and theological questions.
(952) 853-1757

Brand Communications (EFCA logo)

EFCA logo, brand guidelines and communications question assistance.
(952) 853-8440

BUMP (Bridging Urban Mission Project)

For information on how students can minister to the urban community through their local church.
(952) 853-1753

Central District

Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, and southeastern South Dakota
(515) 232-9005
(515) 232-9007 (fax)


Bi-annual national gathering for EFCA students
(952) 853-8486

Chaplain Ministries

Answering chaplain recruitment, support and resource questions for the EFCA.
(612) 250-2072

Church Health and Transformation

Offering tools and resources to identify key areas, measure, improve and celebrate EFCA church health.
(952) 853-8439

Church Planting: International

EFCA church planting assessment, boot camp, leadership and coaching resources.
(952) 853-1781

Church Planting: National

EFCA Start: church planting assessment, boot camp, leadership and coaching resources
(952) 853-8424

Community Impact

Learn more about how you can transform your community living out faith in care for one another.
(952) 853-8439


Relationships and resources—serving, connecting and resourcing the local church to EFCA missions worldwide.
(952) 853-1778

(952) 853-1773

Crisis Response

Holistically serves people and communities worldwide by working with the local church and our indigenous partners.
(985) 893-0218