Refugees in Crisis

Tangibly minister Christ’s love among refugees, building relationships, multiplying disciples, and planting churches.

The conflict in Syria and N. Iraq has resulted in millions having to flee their homes and endure tremendous suffering. Their displacement has often also caused an increased receptivity and afforded greater access to the gospel. With strategic partner relationships in both the Middle East and Europe, ReachGlobal is uniquely positioned to minister along transit routes and at destinations of this mass movement of people.

We are responding to this crisis by partnering with national churches to minister to the refugee’s physical needs, while developing relationships with entire families in order to share the good news of Christ in a private and appropriate manner. As home churches develop, we are helping partners identify and equip emerging leaders so mature churches travel with the refugee community as they return to their homeland or disperses to other parts of the world.


Our vision is to tangibly minister Christ’s love among the refugees by building relationships, multiplying disciples and planting churches, so mature churches travel with the refugee community as they return to their homeland or disperse to other parts of the world.

Pray for:

  • Syrians, Yazidi, Iraqis and other people groups being persecuted and displaced.
  • Our ministry partners who are working in difficult and dangerous settings to bear a bold witness of Jesus to the communities they serve.
  • Evangelism and outreach in affected people groups resulting in gospel transformation.
  • Wisdom for our ReachGloabl staff and national partners to best serve the refugees in ways that will express God’s heart and will result in disciples being multiplied.
  • God’s people addressing the specific needs of impacted individuals.
  • God’s provision of needed resources (The Spirit, people, finances) for the church to be the church.


  • Send a short term team —

    The focus for these volunteer teams will be more on "Being" vs. "Doing," and should be viewed as an opportunity for your personal growth and development. Activities will be focused on building relational credibility for the local ministry partners and may include: Meeting/interacting/encouraging refugee families; prayer walks; kids programs and games; ESL; distributing needed recovery supplies; and others relational investment opportunities.

    Additionally, we are seeking 3-5 medical teams (and/or dental/vision teams) each year for work in the Middle East. These teams should be 4-6 people, ideally with at least 2 certified/experienced health care workers.

Please contact for further details on sending a short term team.

  • Vision Trip — Send 1-2 key leaders from your church to the region to personally see the ministry, meet our local ReachGlobal staff and partners, hear the stories and learn how your church can serve in the Middle East. This season of disruption represents the largest mass movement of people since WWII and happens to coincide with a part of largely unreached peoples in the 10/40 window. The displacement has made the previously impossible to reach quite accessible.
  • Send Interns or longer term workers — Specific needs have been identified for people to teach English in outreach schools operated by our partners. Ideally, these folks would come for 6-24 months to invest in refugee kids learning English. There are also opportunities for summer internships for college age or recent grads starting in the summer of 2018. And there is always great need for anyone willing to consider serving long term.
  • Engage in serving people from other cultures locally — Check out local refugee resettlement agencies in the area you live.

Sponsor a Child

GlobalFingerprints is the child sponsorship program of the EFCA. We currently have a number of kids available for individuals and families to sponsor in Beirut, Lebanon, and are looking for key partner churches to help us launch new sites in Lebanon and Jordan in the future.


A goal has been set to raise $250,000 from 2015-2017 for the refugee outreach efforts and God has provided approximately 70 percent of this goal.

Resources are needed for:

  • Meeting immediate physical needs of refugees
  • Medical supplies
  • Shelter materials
  • Materials for kid’s and women’s ministry programs
  • The physical infrastructure needs of partners (basic things like gas for vehicles; cell phones; ministry materials; stipends/gifts for some response workers)
  • Ongoing, long term disciplemaking outreach efforts
  • Transition, resettlement and skill development resources
  • Other special projects as they arise, e.g., $6,000 to help hundreds of families with heaters and blankets to help them get through the cold winter.

Give online OR

Mail a check designated Refugees in Crisis 21709-3983 to:

901 East 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55420-1300

Contact ReachGlobal Crisis Response for additional information.

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