Crisis Response Partner Initiative

Join a network of churches and individuals partnering financially to aid in quick response following crisis.

Nepal, 2015, a major earthquake hits and tens of thousands of people are left homeless. ReachGlobal, along with indigenous partners in Nepal, responds immediately with an assessment team to determine the needs including trauma mitigation, debris removal and the re-building of homes and community centers in some of the hardest hit areas.

Partnering pastors identified an estimated 1,000 families in need of shelter. A plan to build 12 community centers to replace fallen churches and schools is formulated. This will help local pastors minister to the people in their communities in a very tangible way through word and deed. However, this type of aid requires resources. The ReachGlobal Crisis Response Partner Initiative is a proactive option for you and/or your church to invest in the ministry created in the wake of every crisis.

The initiative

Although this is an actual example of a current crisis happening in Nepal, crises can happen at any time. The Crisis Response Partner Initiative creates a reserve fund to respond and minister immediately to the needs of those affected and to bring the gospel to those looking for answers.

Your proactive investment of $1,000 a year (or $3.00 a day) helps to:

  • Bring relief supplies and outreach in the wake of crisis.
  • Support and care for churches and people impacted by disaster.
  • Establish a compassion-based church planting fund.

Partnering with ReachGlobal Crisis Response in this initiative is:

  • Giving to bring the gospel in word and deed.
  • Helping the marginalized of the majority world.
  • Meeting local needs by coming alongside indeginous partners.

Give Now

For more information about how you and/or your church can invest in ministry with the Crisis Response Partner Initiative please send an email.

ReachGlobal Crisis Response develops, empowers and releases the body of Christ to share His love in times of crisis for multiplying transformational churches among all peoples.