Equal in Essence and Dignity, Distinction in Roles: The Home (Panel 2)

Audio recording from the 2012 EFCA Theology Conference - "Understanding the Complementarian Position: Considering Implications and Exploring Practices in the Home and the Local Church." Panel participants: Tom and Cathy Atchison, Bob and Bette Jo Nienhuis, David and Karen Schultz.

  • How do you understand the biblical teaching of the headship relationship (i.e. equality in essence and dignity and distinction in roles) in the home?
  • How is this lived out between husband and wife? What about parents and children?
  • How specific is this to be applied across families, viz. is it all going to look the same in its application in various families?
  • What do you affirm are the essentials of this teaching, and what would you consider to be non-essentials? As leaders how do we best help others to determine how they ought to live out the essentials and non-essentials in their own homes, and how do you communicate and live this without becoming legalistic?