Serve More Than 2 Years

Serving for two years or longer is a life-changing decision.

Serving two years or longer is considered long-term (career) status with ReachGlobal. We know that's not a light decision. The opportunities are exciting and fulfilling--Get started below.

Instructions for Beginning the Long-Term Application Process

1. Complete the Preliminary Information Form.

2. At the top of the form, you will have the option to create a Form Login Account specific to the Preliminary Information Form. This will allow you to save and return to your work at a later time. Any information that you provide on this form will be transmitted securely to the appropriate ReachGlobal staff members.

3. After you complete and submit your Preliminary Information Form (PIF), you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at the e-mail listed in the PIF Instructions.

4. ReachGlobal Engage will get in touch with you soon about the next steps in the application process!

Steps to the field

1. You and your pastor will be contacted for initial screening calls

2. Complete the written application process (including Application for Missionary Service, Theological Questionnaire, References, Personal Life History, Background Check, Medical Clearance, and Self-Knowledge Tools)

3. Attend the ReachGlobal Interviews at the EFCA national office in Minneapolis, MN

4. Acceptance decision is made after Interviews are complete

5. Attend ReachGlobal Readiness and Orientation week at the EFCA national office

6. Vision trip to help determine final field placement

7. Ministry Partnership Development Training, to begin raising financial and prayer partners

8. Pre-field Training (online and live)

9. Language acquisition training

10. Complete the Multiplying Churches Globally course

11. Deployment to Ministry