EFCA West Credentialing

The eight steps to being credentialed via the EFCA West district.

The purpose of a ministerial credential is to:

  • affirm God’s call upon your life
  • verify that you meet the qualifications and standards for ministry in The Evangelical Free Church of America
  • approve you for ministerial service under the auspices of the EFCA
  • provide legal status in the exercise of your ministry

There are basically eight steps to being credentialed in EFCA West.

1. Understand the purpose of a ministerial credential as stated above.

2. Understand that every credential is the property of the EFCA and is given to a candidate “in trust.” In the EFCA, each district office guides their candidates through the process of obtaining a national credential. Review the requirements and processes for Ministerial Credentialing in the EFCA.

3. Understand that three entities will be involved in your credentialing process.

  • The local church affirms the call and character of the candidate.
  • The district Board of Ministerial Standing examines the theological competency of the candidate.
  • The national Board of Ministerial Standing verifies the local and district recommendations and issues the credential.

4. Review the following documents and call (952) 853-1755 or email with any questions:

5. Complete the Preliminary Application and mail it with (a) your letter of intent and (b) the processing fee to:

901 E. 78th St
Minneapolis, MN 55420

Note: If you or your spouse has been divorced, a separate procedure is required before becoming eligible for EFCA credentialing. Contact the district office for details.

6. Upon receipt of the preliminary application, our office will send you a packet of materials that spells out the various requirements involved in obtaining a credential. The heart of the process involves writing a doctrinal thesis and an oral defense before a council. EFCA West has a network of groups designed to assist you with the theological portion of the thesis.

Note: You are responsible for the requirements at both the district and national levels.

7. Depending on your schedule, you can expect your portion of the process to take 6-24 months after which your application and supporting documents are submitted to the national Board of Ministerial Standing (BOMS) for their approval. You can expect the approval process to take an additional 3 months.

8. You will receive the appropriate credential from the EFCA West office. A public worship service celebrating the Certificate of Christian Ministry and Certification of Ordination is required but is optional for the Transfer of Ordination. Upon approval from the national Board of Ministerial Standing, you need to coordinate the date and service details with the district office. A worship service is not required to obtain the Ministry License.