Crisis Response Mission Statement

Crisis Response mission, vision and guiding principles.

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Our Purpose We exist to develop, empower and release the church to share God's love in times of crisis for multiplying transformational churches among all people.

Guiding Principles

  1. Spirit Led - We must rely upon the work and guidance of the Holy Spirit in all we do, and in producing the desired fruit of Transformed people and communities.
  2. Disciplemaking - Ministry must be intentional and sustainable by focusing on making disciples that reproduce disciples. We too must model this by creating a platform for intentionally investing.
  3. Doing and Proclaiming - Ministry needs to effectively balance the Great Commandment and the Great Commission through demonstration and proclamation of the gospel, while multiplying transformational churches though outreach, evangelism and discipleship.
  4. People not the Project - We focus on relationships and the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of people, not on the work. We must be humble examples, serving God and others, while fostering a culture of compassion and care for those in need.
  5. Local Church - We minister through the local church, EFCA ReachGlobal missionaries and indigenous partners, seeking to add capacity, ideas and resources for kingdom results.
  6. Partnership - We intentionally invest in interdependent partner relationships and building kingdom networks.
  7. Long Term - If relationships are our focus, we must be willing to commit for the longterm.
  8. Resourced- We resource for sustainability and practice wise stewardships, investing kingdom resources for a leveraged return, while avoiding unhealthy dependencies.
  9. Excellence - We intentionally invest in creating a ministry platform to engage, challenge and grow people, both those serving and those being served.
  10. Strong Team - We are committed to spiritual vitality and team health. We value our teammates and are committed to the success of the overall ministry even at the expense of our personal ministry by
    1. Practicing the “one anothers” of scripture in our team relationships.
    2. Resolving conflict in a godly manner according to team guidelines.
    3. Recruiting like-hearted people to serve on our team or alongside us.
    4. Personifying the body; different but one.

Central focus

Our central focus defines what we must do day in and day out to move from good to great, to the next level of ministry effectiveness. This means developing, empowering and releasing our own personnel who, in turn, develop, empower and release transformational national leaders.


We are committed to healthy people working in healthy teams developing healthy leaders in order to multiply transformational churches.