Credentialing: Certificate of Ordination

Certificate of Ordination documents and forms

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Size: 2.8M

This credential is designed for qualified males who serve in pastoral ministry in the local church whose primary ministry responsibility is preaching and teaching the Word and who currently hold a valid EFCA Vocational Ministerial License. The expectation is, the individual requesting a Certificate of Ordination is theologically proficient and in alignment with the EFCA. For requirements, see Ministerial Credentialing in the EFCA.

Required Documents for Certificate of Ordination

(pdf copies to print and mail to your district)

  • Certificate of Ordination Application
  • Letter from candidate indicating his desire to be ordained by the EFCA
  • Letter of recommendation from the church of your membership or a letter from the church or ministry you are serving (See Character Assessment Guidelines)
  • Record of attendance from the dean’s office of the Bible school, seminary attended or EFCA GATEWAY Theological Institute. If there has been no formal or non-formal education, please note that (If a previous letter is on file, a second letter is not necessary)
  • Certificate of Ordination Paper
  • Minutes from ordination council
  • Recommendation from the district board or credentialing council
  • Updated EFCA Minister’s Profile
  • Completion of EFCA Required Reading or completion of TEDS History, Theology and Polity course (If a previous form is on file, a second form is not necessary)