Child Sponsorship Payment Options

Choose your payment method for sponsoring a GlobalFingerprints child.

Download sponsorship_payment_options.pdf
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Credit/Debit Card

The easiest way to set up a sponsorship is to register online at using a debit or credit card:

  • Click Sponsor a Child and either enter a Child Number or use the drop-down options to narrow your search; then Next Step.
  • Click Complete Sponsorship Setup.
  • Enter Sponsor Information and Contribution Information (with monthly and annual options); then Submit Payment Information.
  • Click Process Sponsorship Payment.

You can also complete the Sponsorship Form, include your credit card information, and submit manually.

Automatic bank draft (preferred)

To simplify the process, and help GlobalFingerprints avoid credit card processing fees, you might consider paying by Automatic Bank Draft:

  • Complete the Sponsorship Form and submit along with either your initial sponsorship payment (check) or a voided check. The first automatic deduction from your account will occur in 4 to 6 weeks. We will process an automatic deduction from your bank account by Electronic Funds Transfer each month; a record of the deduction will show on your monthly bank statement. Your monthly deduction will continue until we receive instructions to stop.
  • If you would like this set up for you, call (800) 745-2202 and we’ll walk through the registration process together.


If you would like to pay by check on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis:

  • Complete the Sponsorship Form and submit along with your initial sponsorship payment.
  • You will receive a paper receipt from the EFCA with a detachable slip to return with your next donation.

Sponsorship cancellations

Our desire is for every child to have a sponsor until they graduate the program. Depending on the child, they usually graduate between the ages of 19 and 22. GlobalFingerprints will continue to assist families until the children graduate the program. We appreciate your commitment to partner with us. If, for any reason, a sponsor is unable to continue a child sponsorship, we appreciate notification for us to reassign the child to a new sponsor. If we have not heard from or received payment from a sponsor within a reasonable amount of time (determined by us), we will cancel the sponsorship and reassign the child to another sponsor.