Child Sponsorship Payment Options

Choose your payment method for sponsoring a GlobalFingerprints child.

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Option One

Credit/Debit Card

The easiest way to sponsor a child is to sign-up online. Complete the online sponsorship setup using a credit/debit card for your monthly payment.

Option two

Automatic monthy donation (preferred)

If you would like to pay by bank transfer from a checking or savings account, please complete the Sponsorship Setup Form, along with a check with the initial sponsorship payment - or a voided check - and return it with the form. The first automatic deduction from your account will occur in about 4 to 5 weeks. We will send confirmation that we have enrolled you in this monthly plan and note the date of the first deduction. We will process an automatic deduction from your bank account by electronic funds transfer each month. A record of the deduction will also show on your monthly bank statement. Your monthly deductin will continue until we receive your written instructions to stop. By setting up an automatic bank transfer, it will establish an easier and less costly way of making your gift to the sponsored child.

Credit/debit card

To pay by a Credit/debit card, complete and return the Sponsorship Setup Form.


If you would like to pay by check on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis, please complete the Sponsorship Setup Form and return it to us with your first payment. Please make check payable to EFCA with GlobalFingerprints Sponsorship 21709-3966 noted in the memo. You will receive a paper receipt from the EFCA with a detachable slip to return with your next donation.

Sponsorship cancellations

Our desire is for every child to have a sponsor until they graduate the program. Depending on the child, they graduate usually between ages 19-22. GlobalFingerprints will continue to assist families until the children graduate the program. We appreciate your commitment to partner with us. If, for any reason, a sponsor is unable to continue a child sponsorship we appreciate notification for us to reassign the child to a new sponsor; or, if we have not heard or received payment froma sponsor within a reasonable amount of time determined by us, we will cancel the sponsorship and reassign the child to another sponsor.