2014 EFCA Annual Church Metrics Survey

The 2014 EFCA annual survey collected vital and transformational statistics.

This survey was a significant expansion from previous annual surveys. We asked more and different questions, and it required more time from pastors and leaders to complete the survey. EFCA churches responded in a generally positive way, and we are thankful for the broad participation. It is important to recognize that, in both size and ministry model, there is tremendous variety within EFCA churches. While we have endeavored to make a survey that is applicable in many contexts, we humbly acknowledge that it is not possible to have one survey that works equally well for all contexts. We appreciate the flexibility of the churches as they adapted to a unified, single survey.

Over time, it is our desire that the annual survey will allow individual churches and the broader EFCA movement to pause and humbly consider if we are faithful to our mission and vision. We pray that the survey would become a rhythm of celebration as we capture and remember the transforming work of God through our faithful service. We desire to see a clear and compelling picture of how God uses the EFCA to multiply transformational churches among all people!

Based on the number of responses, considering a typical five percent error rate, we are confident of the findings of this survey. For an online survey, conventionally, a response rate of 20 percent is considered good, while a 30 percent response rate is considered very good. With 670 complete or partial responses, the metrics survey received a 50.49 percent response rate. Our movement cares about metrics.

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