New EFCA blog

Visit the new EFCA Now blog for motivational, thought-provoking articles by and about EFCA leaders from across the spectrum of our movement—showcasing their thinking and vision, and highlighting ministry-in-action through their churches.

Mar 23, 2014

EFCA Today magazine first launched in 1931 as The Evangelical Beacon. Since then, its name and format have been re-envisioned: from The Evangelical Beacon to Beacon and then to EFCA Today, and in 2010, to its digital expression at

This month, the magazine adapted still further, to accommodate reading trends: The art-directed features and their timeless themes will continue publishing at, while standalone articles that highlight forward thinking and ministry-in-action have moved to the EFCA Now blog. Check out this new blog and some of the other thought-provoking ones from movement leaders.