Baltimore Flood Announcment

Flooding in the Baltimore, Maryland, has devastated the area. Your help is needed to help in the recovery efforts.

Jun 1, 2018

While newscasters are concentrating on the devastation from the flash flood that struck Ellicott City in Howard County, Maryland, earlier this week, heavy rain fell elsewhere, including the Beechfield neighborhood of Baltimore. Providentially, this immediately surrounds the Stillmeadow Community Church where Michael Martin is the pastor.

Michael shared that a raging flood of several feet of water flowed down Frederick Avenue in front of the church. The church is elevated from the road and only suffered minor damage. The neighbors around the church, however, did not fare so well.

Churches in the EFCA Eastern District are well-positioned to offer a hand up to some 150-200 families whose homes are now filled with water and muck, and, more importantly, we’re poised to offer them emotional and spiritual support. Some of these families attend the Stillwater Church. EFCA Crisis Response is providing administrative and technical support for the efforts.

Your Help is needed!

What: Mucking and gutting of homes on weekends. A liability release for adults and minors will need to be signed prior to arrival.

When: The weekends of June 9-10, June 16-17 and June 23-24. Arrive for orientation and prayer by 8:15 a.m. Serve for a half day, full day or the entire weekend. Weekdays may be possible; however, send an email to Following this initial response, an assessment will be completed to determine next steps in the recovery.

Cost: For overnight guests only, there will be a $25 per night donation to offset expenses for food, utilities and other expenses. Breakfast and dinner will be provided on site. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag, air matress/cot and towels.

What to bring: For every six volunteers, please bring a tool box. Each volunteer should have at least three P100 masks. For the second two weekends, it may be helpful to bring a hammer, utility knife and pry bar for every two volunteers. Consider donating the tools.

Location: Stillmeadow EFC, 5110 Frederick Ave., Baltimore, MD 21229. Frederick Avenue is currently passable from the Baltimore Beltway (I-695) to the church parking lot.

Registration: Send an email to For weekend day volunteers, please register by the Thursday before your arrival weekend. For overnight volunteers, please register at least a week ahead if possible. Maximum overnight capacity is 40.

Please do not contact Stillmeadow EFC directly. The pastor and staff are focusing on the needs of their community.


Pray for the Stillmeadow Community EFC as they minister to their neighbors and share the love of Christ to those in need.

Pray for those that have been impacted by the flood waters, especially the families that have been displaced.

Pray for volunteers to come and help this community in their time of need.

Give now to the recovery efforts.