Episode 183: Pastoral Ministry and Preaching with Greg Scharf, part 2

On May 15, 2019

In the fall of 2018, Greg Scharf joined Greg Strand, EFCA executive director of theology and credentialing, to address pastoral ministry and preaching. Greg is uniquely qualified to address these topics having served both as a pastor and professor. Greg has the title of professor emeritus of homiletics at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, having served at TEDS in the pastoral theology department from 1999-2018. Prior to his tenure at TEDS teaching pastors, Greg served as a pastor in the EFCA for almost 20 years. During this time, he mentored interns from TEDS, and he also developed an elder training program for the church. Greg Strand was one of those interns.

In part two of this interview, we focus on preaching—preaching as an important aspect of and foundational to pastoral ministry, marks of a good sermon, marks of a good/faithful preacher, lessons for a young preacher, counsel for a seasoned preacher, and recommended resources.