Episode 167: Ken Young and Jenni Key, What It Means to be Evangelical in the EFCA, Part 1

On January 09, 2019

In the fall of 2018, a number of pastors and leaders from across the EFCA gathered at the national office for the annual Missional Summit. Our theme for the Summit was “What it Means to be Evangelical,” which was the topic of the opening lecture.

On this episode, we include the second session, part 1, which includes messages from Ken Young and Jenni Key, with a more focused and specific message to us, “What It Means to be Evangelical in the EFCA.” The speakers addressed the following questions: What are the challenges or positive aspects you face in reaching your community because of the name evangelical? Does this term cause barriers or does it open doors? Do church members and attenders know the rich history of evangelicalism or do you need to take time to explain what the word evangelical means? How do you share with someone: Who you are? Why you exist? What it is you believe and do as an Evangelical Free Church? The speakers provided practical insights from their own ministry contexts that helped us to think through how we can better serve the gospel of Jesus Christ in the EFCA.

Ken Young serves as Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ministries at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Jenni Key serves as Director of Women and Prayer ministries at EvFree Fullerton, Fullerton, California.