Evangelical Convictions Interviews

Evangelical Convictions Interviews

February 22, 2017

Episode 144: "Fully God and Fully Man, One Person in Two Natures" with Pastor Matt Mitchell

Since our earliest days, Christians have affirmed that Jesus is “fully God and fully man, one Person in two natures.” But what do we actually mean by phrases like “one person” or “two natures?” Further, where and how does the Bible teach these things? And perhaps most pressing, how does our belief in Jesus’ full divinity and full humanity shape how serve and live? On this episode of the podcast we share an interview with Pastor Matt Mitchell on this important topic.

Matt serves as the pastor of Lanse Evangelical Free Church in Lanse, Pennsylvania. He also serves on the EFCA's Spiritual Heritage Committee.

June 01, 2016

Episode 129: "Believed In All That It Teaches" With Dr. Doug Huffman

“We believe that God has spoken in the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, through the words of human authors. As the verbally inspired Word of God, the Bible is without error in the original writings, the complete revelation of His will for salvation, and the ultimate authority by which every realm of human knowledge and endeavor should be judged. Therefore, it is to be believed in all that it teaches, obeyed in all that it requires, and trusted in all that it promises.” Article 2, EFCA Statement of Faith

At the burning center of our faith is the belief that God’s Word is “to be believed in all that it teaches.” But what do we really mean? Where and how does the Bible teach this truth? And perhaps most pressing, does our belief in the truthfulness and authority of Scripture really make a practical difference in life and ministry? On this episode of the podcast we share an interview with Dr. Doug Huffman from BIOLA University on this important topic.

Doug serves at Biola as Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies as well as Associate Dean of Biblical & Theological Studies. He is ordained by the EFCA and is a member of EvFree Fullerton.

May 11, 2016

Episode 126: "Israel's Promised Messiah" with Dave Talley

“We believe that Jesus Christ is God incarnate, fully God and fully man, one Person in two natures. Jesus—Israel's promised Messiah—was conceived through the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He lived a sinless life, was crucified under Pontius Pilate, arose bodily from the dead, ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father as our High Priest and Advocate.” Article 4, EFCA Statement of Faith

There is a vital, unbreakable connection between the Old Testament and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our movement affirms this connection when we confess that Jesus is “Israel’s Promised Messiah.” However, most of us would admit that our 21st century ears do not fully grasp the significance of these three powerful words. On this episode of the podcast, we discuss the belief that Jesus is “Israel’s Promised Messiah” with Dr. David Talley.

Dave serves as Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies and chair of the Old Testament Department at Biola University. For many years he also served as a teaching pastor at Grace EFC in La Mirada, CA.

April 20, 2016

Episode 123: "Union with Christ" with Dr. Erik Thoennes

"We believe that the Holy Spirit, in all that He does, glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ. He convicts the world of its guilt. He regenerates sinners, and in Him they are baptized into union with Christ and adopted as heirs in the family of God." -from Article 6, EFCA Statement of Faith

The Bible teaches that anyone who has put their faith in Jesus Christ is now in “union with Christ.” What does this really mean? Where and how does the Bible teach this vital truth? What difference does it make in life and ministry? On this episode of the podcast we share a discussion with Dr. Erik Thoennes on the important, beautiful, biblical doctrine of “union with Christ.”

Erik teaches the Bible at Talbot School of Theology and also serves as one of the pastors of Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada, CA.

February 02, 2016

Episode 113: "Among All People" with Dr. Peter Cha

"In obedience to Christ’s commission, we are to make disciples among all people, always bearing witness to the gospel in word and deed." Article 8, EFCA Statement of Faith

In the EFCA, we believe that we have been called to make disciples "among all people." What does this really mean? Where and how does the Bible teach us this vital truth? What does it look like to attempt to live it out in life and ministry? On this episode of the podcast, we discuss the biblical call to make disciples among all people with Dr. Peter Cha.

Dr. Cha has served as Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School since 1997. Prior to that, he served with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and planted a multi-ethnic church. He is the author of “Following Jesus without Dishonoring Your Parents” and “Growing Healthy Asian American Churches” as well as the book chapter “This Side of Heaven: Race, Ethnicity and Christian Faith.”