Pentecost Resources

Pentecost Sunday, May 15, celebrates when the Holy Spirit came down on the disciples and empowered them to give testimony in languages understood by the crowds (Acts 2).

As God made His presence felt in that great soup of diversity, the Church was born.


What better day to celebrate loving the strangers among us and remember the EFCA’s great heritage as an immigrant movement.

Take advantage of these resources created to help your church celebrate the season of Pentecost and remember our nation’s immigrants.

The theological importance of Pentecost can be summarized in three words:
Salvation, Community, and Mission.

We have experienced salvation, we are part of a new community, and we are called to mission.

How might our understanding of and ministry to immigrants be related to and an overflow of our understanding and experience of Pentecost?

Read more about the redemptive historical truth of Pentecost.


Download one or all of these takeaways and share them with your community.

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Love of the immigrant: The season of Pentecost - Sermon Preps

These sermon ideas, prepared by Dr. Jared E. Alcántara, assistant professor of Homiletics at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois, and Dr. Alejandro Mandes, director of the EFCA All People Initiative and the Immigrant Mission of the EFCA, connect Revelation 5:1-10 and the Book of Ruth to the season of Pentecost. Each sermon prep asks the important question, "How can we reach immigrants in love and be blessed as a church?"

Download Bajarlo en Español

Love of the immigrant: Immigrant and Refugee Resource

This Pentecost resource focuses on the ways each of us can love immigrants in our communities, the topics to avoid when talking with immigrants and refugees, and five myths surrounding immigration and refugees. We encourage you to download, print and share this document with your church community.

In addition, Immigrant Hope, a ministry birthed out of the EFCA, is calling churches and church leaders to pray for 50 days for the lost immigrants among us and to invite even one immigrant family into each of our homes, churches, and/or families.

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