Ways to Serve

Yanesha Trainer

2 years or longer
San Ramon and Iscosazin, Peru

Advocate for and train the Yanesha people of the Amazon Jungle for ministry in their community.

Serve the Yanesha people by using your expertise to train and support.

The Yanesha people live in the central Amazon jungle of Peru (about 13 hours from Lima by bus). Although they have their own church association, the 24 pastors earnestly desire ministry training. Their physical needs are also great, as the average family income is about $30 per month. Even though most farm a few acres of land, this currently cannot cover medical emergencies, travel, educational expenses for their children, and sometimes even food.

This ministry is focused on developing, empowering and releasing Yanesha church leadership to reach the next generation and other ethnic groups in the Peruvian jungle. Holistic ministry is an essential part, including clean water efforts and medical assistance, to improve their quality of life and ability to thrive.

The Yanesha Trainer would need to build a relational network and a local team, as well as investigate and choose viable strategies and how to carry them out. Team leaders would assist and coach in this process. This will involve traveling by car on a lot of dirt roads in the heat, as well as eat lots of yucca and bananas (and possibly an armadillo).

Desired areas of expertise: project management, facilitating groups, medical skills, teaching, training, engineering, agriculture, social work, theological and ministry gifts, and experience.

Special Requirements

  • Must raise own financial support
  • Spanish study for first 6-12 months; or a high level of fluency

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