Ways to Serve

Texas - Hurricane Harvey Response

1-2 Weeks
Corpus Christi and Houston, TX

Your rebuilding efforts in Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast will have lasting, eternal impact.

"When the water falls, the church has to rise." Pastor Rafael Paez, The Anchor, Cypress, TX

On August 23 through 26, 2017 Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast and slowly moved up to Houston leaving massive destruction from Port Aransas where the eye of the storm hit to the Louisiana border where up to 60" of rain fell in just 3 days. Southeast Texas saw roofs torn off, buildings completely washed away and up to 6 feet of storm surge while many parts of the Houston area suffered extreme flooding. Almost 275,000 homes were damaged in Texas of which an estimated 70% were uninsured losses.

ReachGlobal Crisis Response has been on the ground in the Corpus Christi and Houston areas since the storm hit helping homeowners with clean up, tree removal, gutting of homes and have begun the rebuild process with many homeowners. However, help will be needed for many years to come. We have partnered with Bayshore Bible Church in Corpus Christi and Trinity Fellowship and Grace Bible in the Houston area to aid in the recovery process.

Sending a team

Organize a team to (re)connect with home owners, invest in relationships, and further the Gospel impact in the cities impacted. Whether team members are experienced carpenters or willing hands, male or female, high school students or retirees, there are a variety of ministry opportunities in Texas based on the gifts and talents of your team. Some of these opportunities include:

Relational Outreach
Prayer Walking
Construction -Any Skill Level>
Yard Work

Trip costs

One Week Trip: $275.00 per person

Sunday night arrival, Saturday morning departure
Serve Monday through Friday
Includes t-shirt, breakfast, dinner, lodging and project

Transportation costs are not included. Lodging is at churches on air mattresses or cots that the volunteer provides.

Other opportunities to partner with ReachGlobal Crisis Response in prayer or financial gifts may be found here and with tool donations found here.

To send a team, fill out the preliminary Information form found here.

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