Ways to Serve

Syrian Refugee Ministry

2 years or longer
Not specified

Live among a community of refugees while building relationships and sharing the gospel.

There is a new openness to the gospel among the refugee community in the Middle East, and God is redeeming the suffering of the Syrian people by making for Himself a new church.

We are developing a partnership with a dynamic ministry that is showing much fruit, and are looking for individuals or couples who are interested in joining this international team.

Many refugee ministries focus on first providing for physical needs with the hope that relationships will spring up, allowing the gospel to eventually be shared. Unfortunately, this strategy often builds dependencies, strips people of their self-worth, and does not result in the desired relationships.

This opportunity is to be part of an innovative ministry that starts with living in community and extends to building relationships that allow spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological needs to be addressed without creating dependencies. The gospel is being shared in these relationships and many are becoming followers of Jesus.

The foundational ministry has been focused on children, ages five to twelve. This has led to several ministries with both men and women. The opportunities are far greater than the current capacity of the team.

Some Arabic is required. Start with nine months of intensive language study in Amman before joining the team on site and continuing Arabic studies with a tutor. You will be mentored in leading ministry and will be ready to start a similar ministry in a new location after two years.

Special Requirements

Must raise own financial support.

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