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SERVEurope Creation Care/Environmental Mission Catalyst


The SERVEurope Catalyst Team provides our teams and partners with consulting, coaching and hands-on equipping to navigate the complexity of European cities and the diversity of approaches to church planting, finding fresh ways to engage the contexts holistically

We dream about a new wave of disciplemakers and thousands of communities transformed through the hope and power of the gospel. But we know we can’t expect such results by simply planting churches the same way we always have. One often overlooked, but missionally critical, area is that of how the Gospel addresses the healing of our broken relationship with God’s creation. As we learn to love and honor God, individually and communally, we are called to live out and model a new relationship to the environment. We want to help churches multiply their impact by thoughtfully and humbly addressing environmental concerns.

We are building a diverse team of “subject matter experts” to bring fresh thinking and tools to the fore. We are committed to coaching and catalyzing as teams develop the sorts of Gospel initiatives that make sense in their cities. If you are called to ministries of creation care, you can provide resources in knowledge, networks and equipping that are unique. You will stimulate teams to assess themselves and their context and enjoy watching where them take hold of their calling to multiply faith communities in their city with fresh passion and conviction.

Experience as a reflective practitioner of environmental mission is essential. Ability to motivate and articulate, listen, consult and coach, plus a commitment to aggressive personal development to keep current in areas of ministry knowledge that affect church planting methods and practices are important characteristics.

Special Requirements

You could live anywhere, but will need to be able to devote considerable time and effort to interacting knowledgably (and, frequently, face-to-face) with teams in multiple cities in Europe

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