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SERVEurope Catalyst Team Arts and Imagination Catalyst


We dream of a new wave of disciplemakers and thousands of communities transforming the landscape and narrative of Europe through the hope and power of the Gospel. To take part in this, we need to also envision new ways of engaging opportunity… “multiplying transformational churches among all people” means more than just planting churches the same way we always have.

While many see the arts as a “niche” element in the church – providing music for gatherings or drawing a crowd – the gospel speaks of transformation, the redeeming of every aspect of a person – including the imagination. We believe God is calling a new generation of artists and creatives both to represent Him in the public, in the center and at the margins, as well as to engage the imagination of post-Christian Europeans. But we have not always even known what to do with the “edgy” people in our own churches, let alone how to see them as “missionaries.” The SERVEurope Catalyst Team would like to be involved in changing that. Engaging the imagination can lead to significant expansion of the Kingdom!

As part of a diverse team of “subject matter experts” bringing fresh thinking and approaches to the fore and is committed to coaching and catalyzing as teams develop the kinds of initiatives that make sense in their cities, you will provide resources in knowledge, networks and equipping that are unique. As an Arts and Imagination Catalyst on our team, you’ll help provide a knowledge and resource base for our teams and partners – as well as be an inspiration (maybe even a bit of an irritant). We want to inspire, challenge and equip teams and leaders, providing coaching and hands-on assistance as they develop vision and skills for ministry to and with Europe’s creatives.

You could live anywhere, but would need to be able to devote considerable time and effort to interacting knowledgably (and, frequently, face-to-face) with teams in multiple cities in Europe.

Special Requirements

Experience in arts evangelism and/or discipleship is essential. Being able to network well with a diversity of people with various worldviews, and also research widely and reflect well will be your bread and butter. Familiarity with the arts scene and spiritual dynamics of Europe would be a huge plus. Ability to motivate and articulate, listen, consult and coach, plus a commitment to aggressive personal development - to keep current in these areas of ministry - are important characteristics.

Interested in this opportunity?

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