Ways to Serve

Muslim Youth Ministry, Birmingham England

7-23 months
Birmingham, England

Be involved in ministry among Muslim teens without needing a translator!

Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe, with 38% of the population under age 25. This is largely due to the 240,000 plus Muslims living here making England’s second largest city a culturally rich and diverse place where young people from the East need Jesus as badly as those from the West.

The ReachGlobal Birmingham City Team is seeking those with a heart for Muslims and a passion for young people. Learn how to talk about your faith in a positive way while having fun and engaging in relational evangelism and discipleship. There are great opportunities to build friendships at ministry centers, church programs, or playing sports in the park. You can do all of this in English!

Special Requirements

* Must raise financial support

* Degree or certification in youth ministry preferred

* Experience in youth ministry is preferable

* Must be relational, flexible, teachable, a self-starter, have a servant heart, value working in a team environment, and desire to see people follow Jesus

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