Ways to Serve

Ministry Coordinator

2 years or longer
Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Haiti

Create cooperative partnerships between ministries in Latin America.

There are many churches, but few are healthy. There are many pastors, but few are equipped. There are many believers, but few have been discipled. There are many in poverty, but few have been truly helped and loved.

ReachGlobal has teams of missionaries throughout Latin America, who are purposefully addressing these spiritual and human needs. ReachGlobal is not alone in reaching out to Latin America. Other missionaries, mission agencies, and organizations are working to advance the Kingdom of Christ in this region. Sadly, too often, rather than our efforts being purposefully joined, we often duplicate one another at best, and compete with one another at worst.

We would love to see the work of the kingdom done in healthy cooperation through strategic partnerships.

In order for that to happen, we are looking for individuals (man or woman) or couples who have strong relational and networking skills to help us identify other like-minded potential ministry partners and creatively seek ways for creating cooperative partnerships.

This position would involve spending time getting to know local ministry leaders, developing trust, learning the nature and detailed operations of their ministries, and then finding creative ways to connect those leaders and ministries to the ReachGlobal staff.

Special Requirements

  • Skill at relating cross-culturally
  • Good communication skills
  • Language learning ability

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