Ways to Serve

Resident Doctor

2 years or longer

Join the roving Middle East Medical Team.

Use your medical skills to help people towards both physical and spiritual health. This growing medical team values quality medical care while prioritizing the need to build relationships that allow the gospel to be shared.

Historically, medical ministry has often led to permanent clinics or hospitals where the demands on the medical staff exceed their capacity. This approach can lead to growing dependency on outside help, while failing to provide significant opportunity to address the spiritual needs of the patients.

The approach of the Middle East Medical Team team is to provide roving medical clinics in both village and city settings. The emphasis is on developing relationships or providing partners with the opportunity to do the same. By serving others and sharing life, the gospel is shared in a sensitive and meaningful way.

Communicating in Arabic is necessary for both providing effective medical and spiritual care. The first two years will be devoted to full time Arabic study, with a transition to continued study combined with medical ministry afterwards.

Medical licensing within Jordan may or may not be helpful to this ministry. This should not be seen as an opportunity to practice medicine in Jordan, but rather to use your medical skills so that someone might have the chance to hear the truth and become a follower of Jesus.

Special Requirements

  • Must raise own financial support.

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