Rome L3 Internship

1 or 2 years
Rome, Italy

Live in community and become a language-learner while serving in urban outreach.

The large urban context of Rome creates a great backdrop for learning practical ministry skills, leadership, and personal formation within a diverse city.

The L3 project is a one-year living, learning laboratory (L3) experience for ministry in a post-Christian world.

It's all about teachable moments-- creating enough discontinuity in one's life to form a highly teachable environment. Within this cross-cultural context, loving relationships, practical ministry experience, and theological seminars set the stage for personal growth. Participants walk away with a deeper knowledge of God and of themselves.

An L3 internship has 5 core components:

1. Community High value is placed on teamwork, local church, cooperation with others in ministry, and sharing the journey. The goal is building a relational network.

2. Language learning During the first six months, participants engage in structured Italian language lessons. The process of language learning itself is a platform for ministry and personal development.

3. Mentors Through a personalized coaching relationship, the mentor will assist and advise in processing cultural adaptation towards spiritual growth.

4. Outreach practicum Interns are placed in contact with people with very different worldviews or backgrounds from their own. Serving could involve small groups, evangelism, justice initiatives such as sex-trafficking prevention and refugee work, teaching English, artistic expression or organizing events.

5. Theological seminars There will be opportunities for personal formation and spiritual growth. Facilitators will focus on practical theology while dealing with issues that the participants are encountering directly.

Special Requirements

Interns should be

  • College graduates: this serves as a formational experience, especially if you desire to use your gifts or your areas of study, before starting professional work.


  • Older students (22 years and older) seeking a cross-cultural experience before finishing their studies.

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