Employment (Churches)

Youth Minister

Hope Church, Albquerque, New Mexico

Part-time role to develop and lead vibrant high school ministry that partners with parents.

Ministry description

The director of student ministries will develop and lead an evangelistically fruitful, growing, vibrant high school ministry that partners with parents to make disciples of Jesus in line with the vision and values of Hope Church.

Hope is a multigenerational, missional and gospel-centered church family that has been a part of Albuquerque for more than 50 years. We long to be a place where those who believe, and those who do not yet believe, can discover the life-changing power of Jesus. We believe that the kind of change we most need—freedom from our self-centeredness, materialism, pride, unforgiveness, addictions and greed—is impossible apart from the gospel.

Currently, our high school ministry averages between 40-50 students a week and 10 leaders. Our student ministry has grown significantly in the last few years both with students and leaders. Our group gathers on Wednesday nights for worship, teaching and gospel community-style small groups. There are both a strong community of students and a team of committed adult leaders. Each year, the students participate in a summer beach camp in California, a winter camp, monthly events and service projects throughout the summer. We are looking for a youth director who can build on our strengths and who will bring vision, creativity, strong teaching and a passion for discipleship.



  • Meets the spiritual and character qualifications of an elder (1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9), including home and personal life.
  • Passionate about the way and mission of Jesus.
  • Gives evidence to being a person of prayer and of the Word.
  • Lives out of an ongoing experience of the grace and mercy of God found in Christ.
  • Endorses and supports the church’s theological commitments and philosophy of ministry.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher highly preferred.
  • Gifted communicator (submit teaching sample audio).
  • Previous ministry experience as a youth pastor/ director in a local church setting.
    • Served in a multi-staffed local church (preferred).
    • Track record of building and leading teams.
    • Part of the core leadership of a growing, evangelistically fruitful youth ministry.
  • Strong people skills, with the demonstrated ability to function as a leader-of-leaders in accordance with Eph 4.
  • High-capacity worker and able to manage time well.
  • Theologically astute, thoughtful, gospel-centered.
  • Ongoing commitment to lifelong learning as it relates to the position.


  • Intellectual and theological curiosity and integrity.
  • Strong work ethic and drive towards excellence.
  • Hospitable to those inside and outside the church.
  • No sacred/secular divide, seeks to engage all of life—home, work, school, culture, etc.—out of a distinctly Christian worldview and imagination.


  • The student ministries pastor/director will work closely with the other children’s and youth staff to develop shared values, a comprehensive strategy and seamless transitions.
  • The student ministries pastor/director at Hope will intentionally:
    • Form in students a biblical worldview and imagination so that they are equipped to think “Christianly” about a wider variety of issues and ready to face intellectual challenges to their faith.
    • Connect students to other students and leaders (and the larger Hope Church family) so that students learn to follow Jesus in community with others.
    • Ground students in a gospel-centered life (as opposed to moralism and religiosity).
    • Engage students in God’s mission both locally and globally (through prayer, short-term trips, service opportunities, etc).
    • Reach out to unbelieving students so that we see unbelieving students become committed followers of Jesus.
    • Help students understand how the biblical story helps makes sense of the whole of life—not just attending church—but school, sports, music, family, etc, in other words, how Christ interacts with culture.
  • The student ministries pastor/director will effectively communicate with parents and the church family about vision, values, changed lives and upcoming events, etc.
  • The student ministries pastor/director will help resource parents for the difficult work of raising teenagers in the gospel.


  • Hired by recommendation of the youth search team and the approval of the elders.
  • Reports to elders.
  • Works closely with children’s and youth staff.
  • Participates as a member of the pastoral staff team (if applicable).

How to apply

  1. Send your resume and cover letter to cschlenker@hopechurchabq.com.
  2. Send an audio/ video sample of yourself teaching.
  3. Provide brief answers to the following questions:
  • Tell me a bit about yourself—when did you become a Christian? Married? What do you like to do? What are some of your interests?
  • Who are some of your main theological/ ministerial influences?
  • Why are you interested in youth ministry?
  • What are some of your favorite books/ authors?
  • Why are you interested in Hope Church? Given the limited info that you know about our church, why do you feel like you would be a good fit?
  • What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years?