Employment (Churches)

Worship Ministries Pastor

Bethel Church, Fargo, ND

Pastoral position leading all aspects of worship ministries within the church.

Position overview

This is a full-time pastoral position responsible to give overall leadership to the worship ministries of Bethel Church providing guidance and vision in planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive church music ministry.

Since this is a Christian ministry, any person holding this position shall fulfill the associated responsibilities in a personal and professional manner that provides a positive witness for our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • Serve under and with the Senior Pastor to serve the needs and requirements of the worship ministry and to facilitate vibrant corporate worship.
  • Oversee the planning, coordination and leadership of all corporate worship services.
  • Lead worship regularly as a part of at least one of those services.
  • Provide leadership for the overall Worship Ministry, including vision casting, staff and volunteer leadership, creative and strategic planning, and pastoral care for worship ministries participants.
  • Plan, coordinate and oversee a comprehensive budget for the Worship Ministry.
  • Oversee the enlistment, hiring, recruiting, equipping, and training of all personnel, both volunteer and paid, to accomplish all tasks necessary to have an effective, vibrant worship ministry.
  • Oversee all “Special Event” and “Special Day” programs including Christmas and Easter. Programs can include large scale Broadway-style musicals as well as cantatas and other special services.
  • Oversee the audio-visual needs of Bethel Church and work with the technical director to make recommendations for system maintenance and stay current with technological needs and trends.
  • Serve with other ministries within the church as a creative consultant for their corporate worship and special events.
  • Assist, advise and counsel individuals and groups for weddings, funerals and other ministries.
  • Officiate weddings and funerals as called upon by the Senior Pastor and/or families/individuals at Bethel Church.
  • Be on call regularly in rotation with other pastors for emergency counseling, visitation, etc.
  • Provide pastoral care including visitation and counseling for those outside of worship ministries at Bethel Church as needed.
  • Serve within the greater Bethel staff team for staff meetings, projects, etc.
  • Supervise worship ministry staff including full time, part time, interns, instrumentalists, and lay leaders.
  • Be proactive in the community to facilitate vibrant corporate worship beyond the walls of Bethel.
  • Mentor and equip younger worship leaders as the Lord provides at Bethel Church.
  • Occasional preaching responsibilities as called upon by the Senior Pastor.
  • Lead regular meetings with the worship council as outlined in Bethel’s bylaws and as required by the elder board.
  • Research and incorporate a wide variety of music to include in the Sunday morning experience.
  • Arrange and/or write music as necessary for corporate worship for praise bands, choir, orchestra, and seasonal ministries.
  • Oversee leadership of or directly lead music ensembles.
  • Work with Drama Director to facilitate drama ministry.
  • Lead announcements and other platform related responsibilities as necessary on Sunday morning.
  • Keep current with ministry trends through reading, seminars, discussions, and conferences.
  • Continue personal and professional growth by being involved in mentoring/coaching relationships.


Character qualities

  • Meet the qualifications for an Elder-Pastor as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
  • Takes initiative to openly communicate with other staff members and is responsive to others in their communication.
  • Personable, courteous, responsive
  • Team player

Skills and talents

  • Must have a strong knowledge of worship and music and the techniques involved in conducting choirs and leading worship.
  • Must have significant knowledge of Christian music.
  • Must be an accomplished vocalist.
  • Must demonstrate strong leadership and creativity in planning, organizing and implementing worship.
  • Must function well within a team setting and be highly collaborative and humble in approach. Must have proven skills of participating in or leading a large staff and a history of visionary leadership.

How to apply

Visit www.bethelfc.com/jobs for a full job description including the Next Steps to apply.
Email your resume and additional requested documents (listed in the Next Steps) to Senior Pastor andyveith@bethelfc.com. No phone calls please.

More Info

Special Requirements

Education and Experience

  • Master’s of Divinity or equivalent degree preferred
  • Three years leading a mid to large church worship ministry preferred