Employment (Churches)

Worship Leader

Great Bridge Community Church, Chesapeake, Virginia

Part-time role developing, coordinating and organizing the worship ministry.

Ministry description

To develop and lead the worship music ministry for our church, in consultation with the teaching pastor and other team members, in a way that is consistent with our mission, values and theology.


  • Authentic relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Ability to shepherd volunteer musicians in the Christian life
  • Love and respect for people
  • Attested musical skills and competence
  • Ability to organize, coordinate and motivate musicians and technical team members
  • Sense of humor and positive attitude
  • Strong team player with the rest of the staff and congregation
  • Committed to the church's mission, vision, values, leadership and people
  • Dependable, responsible, self-motivated and creative
  • Ability in wide range of styles including Christian classics (hymns) and old choruses but with a focus on contemporary music
  • Ability to lead worship and to train others as individuals and team members
  • Proficient in keyboard or guitar
  • Ability to produce and direct special events and programs
  • Experience with technical aspects of contemporary services, sound boards and theater lights are a plus


  • Meet with the teaching pastor as needed to select songs two weeks in advance
  • Provide input to the annual music ministry budget proposal
  • Preparation to lead practice and Sunday morning worship includes:
    • Personal practice of the songs to ensure knowledge and comfort leading of the team
    • Communication with musicians about practices and songs for the upcoming week
    • Providing the necessary music sheets/links to musicians at least one week in advance to ensure they have what is needed to prepare at home for the upcoming week
    • Printing out the music for the musicians and singers for practice beforehand
    • Create and update musician/singers schedule
    • Ensure back-up worship leader is in place before making plans to be away
    • Recruit, equip, motivate, supervise and shepherd music team and technical team
    • Load songs into computer (ProPresenter) no later than Thursday
    • File music, prepare binders for musicians
    • Type/copy/distribute Order of Service
    • Prepare special numbers from time-to-time
    • Provide required reports for CCLI
    • Prepare music and schedule practices for all-church events such as a Christmas Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.

NOTE: Responsibilities may be adjusted to fit the applicant’s availability.

How to apply

Email your interest to Pastor Steve.

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