Employment (Churches)

Worship and Connections Pastor

South Suburban EFC, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Provide the pastoral lead for the teams supporting the worship and connection ministries.

Ministry description

The worship and connections pastor will provide the pastoral lead for the teams supporting the worship and CONNECT ministries at South Suburban Evangelical Free Church. In leading worship, he will be responsible for recruitment and support of teams and participants including musicians and technicians for Sunday mornings and all audio/visual needs. In leading CONNECT ministries, he will oversee adult ministries meeting first hour Sunday morning as well as men’s groups and small groups.

Direct oversight will be by the family pastor, and he will work closely with other pastoral staff, directors and office team.


  • He must be a mentor for those in worship and in connection opportunities
  • He must bring consistency to the worship experience and ensure quality is found throughout
  • He must be a facilitator for small groups and men serving one another
  • He must be a team builder
  • He must be a first-chair leader and people-helper as a mentor, counselor and coach


GROW Worship Ministry

  • Champion the ultimate value of worship and glorifying God both corporately and personally
  • Lead and shepherd the worship team including musicians, equipment and technology
  • Recruit, train and mentor musicians towards a clear understanding of worship and its responsibility to the corporate body
  • Ensure all equipment and teams are receiving quality attention and training to minimize any hinderance to people engaging in worship

Connect people in community groups

  • Champion the value of community to foster a churchwide connecting, caring, coaching culture
  • Recruit and equip new leaders for community groups and small group ministries
  • Provide initial and ongoing training for volunteers and leaders of small group ministries focused on families
  • Personally participate with the launch of new small groups and support of existing groups by equipping and supporting leaders and attending early meetings with periodic check-ups
  • Be a personal guide to assist people in connecting with and assimilating into small groups and mentoring relationships
  • Work closely with outreach pastor to ensure small groups are regular participants in service projects
  • Be an active, visible partner in the pastoral ministry of the church; this will include sharing in pastoral duties such as weddings, the ordinances, funerals, counseling
  • Take the lead to plan BRING events that relate to worship or CONNECT ministries; these events will provide an opportunity for the broader body to invite and connect with new people and guests

How to apply

To apply, submit a resume and a link to a video of you leading worship in the past six months. These can be submitted to jeramy@ssefc.org along with any questions you may have.

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