Employment (Churches)

Women's Ministry Director

Shiloh Community Church, Phoenix, Arizona

Part-time role overseeing the direction and coordination of women’s ministry through a leadership team and/or ministry coordinators.

Ministry description

The women’s ministry of Shiloh Community Church exists to make disciples who love God, love His church and show His love to the world. The women’s ministry director oversees the direction and coordination of women’s ministry through a leadership team and/or ministry coordinators to ensure alignment with the overall vision and central ministry focus of Shiloh Community Church.


  • Display a growing personal relationship with Christ
  • Display godly relationships within her family
  • Be a regular attendee of Shiloh Community Church (or commit to attending regularly upon position acceptance)
  • Have good organization skills and leadership experience
  • Relate well and collaborate with other people
  • Have a passion for ministering to women


  • Develop and oversee a leadership team consisting of 3-5 women within the church to provide vision and spiritual direction for the overall ministry to the women of Shiloh. The women on this team are actively involved in women’s ministry but not necessarily tasked with specific ongoing responsibilities.
  • Select and oversee ministry coordinators to lead each component of women’s ministries such as Bible studies, Christmas luncheon, women’s conference or retreats, summer connecting events (“Refreshers”), and other affinity groups (e.g., Pageturners, Shiloh Stitchers, etc.). These ministry coordinators may also serve on the leadership team.
  • Help guide and ensure that biblical teaching within the women's ministry aligns with the doctrine upheld by Shiloh Community Church. This involves collaboration with the ministry leaders in evaluating curriculum, book studies and speakers for any events or groups.
  • Equip and encourage each coordinator within the women's ministry to effectively serve and grow within their area of giftedness. This involves frequent participation or observation of the ministry activities, training opportunities, access to resources and individual coaching.
  • Be available as a spiritual advisor or mentor for Shiloh women, referring to pastoral or professional counseling when appropriate.
  • Act as a liaison between the women’s ministry leaders and overall leadership of the church, beginning with the lead pastor. This involves participating in staff meetings as appropriate, advocating for the women of Shiloh and keeping women’s ministry leaders informed on relevant leadership decisions.
  • Oversee the finance and administrative aspects of women’s ministry
    • Oversee the women’s ministries budget, ensuring accountability, reimbursement of expenses and accurate reporting.
    • Maintain and update the database of women involved in women’s ministry events, including contact information.
    • Manage the women’s ministry material resources and ministry files.
  • Coordinate regular communications to the women of Shiloh for encouragement, spiritual growth and connecting opportunities.
    • Work with the communications team in the Shiloh office regarding promoting the purpose and events of the women’s ministry both internal and external to the church (weekly announcements, social media and website).
    • Communicate with women of Shiloh via emails and ministry specific social media groups.
    • Follow up on general inquiries (phone calls and emails) regarding the ministry.
  • Serve as liaison between ministry coordinators and Shiloh office staff regarding facility logistics, such as reserving rooms, setting up tables/chairs and ensuring technical needs are arranged in advance

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