Employment (Churches)

Teaching Elder/Pastor Teacher

Faith Bible Church, Bradenton, Florida

Full-time role for experienced teaching pastor to provide Bible teaching and leadership to missionary-minded church.

Ministry description

To provide education and leadership for our congregation. We are a suburban church with a membership of approximately 50 members and weekly attendance of 60 to 75 people. The current median age is around 60 with no real youth group at this time. We are a missionary-minded church with an emphasis on Bible teaching. Our mission is to make and mature disciples of Christ to the glory of God. More traditional music is sung, but some contemporary songs are used if they are of sound doctrine and complement the Sunday worship service.


  • Minimum of five years’ experience in teaching and ministering to mature Christians
  • A seminary degree from an evangelical seminary or at a minimum, a degree from a Bible college oriented towards teaching
  • Been ordained or licensed, and either has those credentials with the EFCA or is willing to pursue full ordination credentials with the EFCA
  • Must be in full agreement with the Faith Bible Church Statement of Faith


  • The teaching elder/pastor Teacher shall function as the first among equals.
  • It is the duty of the teaching elder to:
    • Help lead the elders and the rest of the church in effectively obeying God's leading as revealed in Scripture.
    • Teach sound doctrine for the purpose of maturing believers.
    • Be an example of good works to the congregation.
    • Visit the sick and infirmed to provide comfort.
    • Counsel those who seek help.

The full job description can be sent to those candidates upon review of their resume by the search committee.

How to apply

If, after prayerful review of the qualifications, you believe you may be a viable candidate, please send your resume to: FBC1511search@gmail.com.