Employment (Churches)

Student Pastor / Director

Community Bible Church, High Point, North Carolina

Equip middle and high school students to know, love, follow and treasure Jesus Christ.

Ministry description

The next generation pastor/director for students will provide biblical and strategic leadership to disciple, mentor and equip middle and high school students at Community Bible Church to know, love, follow and treasure Jesus Christ. His primary objective will be to implement the comprehensive vision of discipleship for gospel-shaped family life as established by the pastor for families. His specific area of oversight being ministries to middle and high school students and their parents, working together with the family pastor to execute a vision for developing God-centered, Jesus-magnifying, Bible-saturated, culturally winsome disciples of Jesus Christ in the next generation.


  • Fulfills the qualifications of a pastor found in 1 Tim 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Pet 5:1-4. The expectation for someone who is a director rather than pastor would still be a life that is above reproach, marked by integrity, godliness, gospel maturity, and purity
  • Demonstrates a strong Christian testimony, maturing faith in Christ and ability to clearly articulate the gospel and the implications of the gospel in all of life
  • Affirms Community Bible Church’s mission (We exist to magnify Jesus Christ by making disciples who advance the mission of God among all people), doctrine and core values (proclaim, worship, serve, pray, belong and multiply)
  • High relational aptitude
  • Leadership and teaching ability demonstrated through excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Exhibits a passion and track-record for developing spiritually healthy followers of Jesus and families
  • Able to articulate and implement a gospel-centered strategy for family discipleship
  • Models a Christ-centered, gospel-saturated home life (by God’s grace)
  • Demonstrated leadership ability to recruit volunteers, build and develop teams, and direct staff and lay leaders
  • Willingness to work in a team-oriented atmosphere and able to give and accept constructive criticism and constructive affirmation (collaborative, innovative, creative)
  • High energy self-starter with winsome leadership ability and deep organizational skills
  • Desire to invest life to see students magnify Jesus, make disciples and advance the mission of God among all people
  • Disciplined with strategic focus
  • Flexible, adaptable, amiable and humble
  • Demonstrated ability to make changes, corrections and solve problems
  • Demonstrated ability to see the gap between where things are and where they should be without being stymied by the challenges to change
  • Demonstrated ability to articulate the implications of the gospel in all of life


To execute a comprehensive vision of discipleship for gospel-shaped family life, the next generation pastor/director for dtudents will be responsible to:

  • Demonstrate a servant attitude towards God, leaders, other team members and guests
  • Work closely with the family pastor to execute the vision for accomplishing Community Bible Church’s mission among the next generation
  • Provide theological and practical training for parents
  • Equip and resource next generation mentors, volunteers and teachers
  • Implement an exciting, Christ-centered, gospel-shaped approach to next-generation ministry by leveraging biblical training, community events, gospel-centered teaching environments and relationships to encourage faith in the next generation
  • Recruit and encourage mentors, volunteers and teachers working with students ages 10-19
  • Contribute to the overall success of the ministry team by valuing honesty, teamwork, loyalty, resourcefulness, execution, community and sacrifice to Community Bible Church’s mission
  • Cultivate a positive atmosphere evidenced by growth and energy throughout the ministry
  • Increase involvement across ministry volunteer base and parents
  • Edit, supplement and implement curriculum

How to apply

Submit resumes to Aaron Martin.

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