Employment (Churches)

Student Pastor

The Springs Church, Springfield, Missouri

Equip students to know and follow Jesus one step at a time.

Ministry description

The Springs Church is looking for an energetic and outgoing youth pastor who can equip students to know and follow Jesus one step at a time. We are looking for an "out of the box" discipler of students who has a history of meeting students where they are, spiritually and physically. We are looking for someone who has a desire to gather students within and beyond The Springs and allow the love of Jesus to impact students through relationships. We want our youth pastor to spend more time with students than he does in his office. We are looking for a self-starter who can help breathe new life into our student ministry.


  • Three years of experience and a bachelor’s degree is preferred
  • Seminary or further training is a great bonus
  • Former experience in a para-church ministry such as Young Life or K-Life is an excellent background for this position
  • Experience leading and growing a student ministry
  • Someone who loves to spend time with students
  • Proven track record of gathering and investing in the personal lives of students
  • Comfortable leading a team of volunteers



  • Lead by example—follow Jesus in such a way that excites and engages the next generation
  • Allow them to see your walk with Jesus on a regular basis
  • Create safe, secure and FUN environments that students desire to be at and hate when they miss
  • Teach Scripture with integrity in a way that is relevant and applicable to students from various backgrounds
  • Disciple students through relationships and help them identify clear next steps in their walk with Jesus
  • Develop opportunities to build relationships with students who are not a part of The Springs


  • Spend time with them—at church, small group, school, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Create opportunities for students to form relationships with each other
  • Make sure new students feel welcome, connected and are followed up with in a timely manner
  • Equip and encourage students to invite their friends to attend any and all student ministry activities and events
  • Maintain sexual integrity in relationships with students


  • Be in regular communication with the SGLs (small group leaders) as well as the Sunday morning volunteers regarding expectations and discipleship
  • Find opportunities for students to lead within the student ministry
  • Support and celebrate SGLs on a regular basis
  • Recruit, train and onboard new volunteers as opportunities arise
  • Oversee the teaching schedule, curriculum and small group material that is implemented by the student ministry team


  • Be in regular communication with parents regarding content, events, meeting times and dates, and details that pertain to all things student ministry
  • Cultivate relationships with parents through time spent
  • Understand that parents are the primary disciplemakers of their students and support them in any way that you can

Springs Church staff

  • Attend weekly staff meetings
  • Attend bimonthly family ministry team meetings
  • Attend and participate in weekly worship services
  • Be present to serve on Easter, Christmas Eve, etc.

Must be in agreement with The Springs Statement of Faith.

How to apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to Marissa@thesprings.church.

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