Employment (Churches)

Student Ministries Director

Oxboro EFC, Bloomington, Minnesota

Coordinate outreach and ministry to youth in grades 6-12.

Ministry description

The student ministries director (SMD) is a full-time position. The SMD will coordinate outreach and ministry to youth in grades 6-12 for the purpose of advancing the vision and mission of Oxboro Evangelical Free Church. The student ministries director will also seek to communicate with and minister to the families of youth. Other general areas of service or responsibility may be negotiated on a temporary or permanent basis depending upon the needs of the church and the gifts of the director.


  • Have a growing personal relationship with God.
  • Be a mature Christian, showing evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Believe he/she is called by God to minister to youth and their families.
  • Love youth and effectively connect with a broad spectrum of ages and cultures as he/she shares a deep passion for their salvation and growth.
  • Show evidence of gifts of the Holy Spirit in areas that foster ministry to youth.
  • Have adequate training to perform his/her responsibilities; this training could come in the form of education and/or experience.
  • Have a godly reputation with references from people who have personal exposure to his/her character and ministry.


Programming and administration

  • Coordinate the youth ministry programs of OEFC, which should be relationally driven and include outreach/evangelism, Bible-based teaching, discipleship, prayer and worship.
  • Although programs and schedules may vary, they should generally include weekly event(s), occasional retreats and various special activities.
  • Responsible for coordinating or delegating the financial and general administration of youth ministry at OEFC.


  • Develop and work regularly with a group comprised of people from the congregation with a heart for youth; this group will be responsible for planning, vision casting, goal-setting and ministry review around student ministries.
  • Oversee the recruitment, training and encouragement of youth leaders who will aid in ministry to students and their families.
  • Oversee the process of identifying, developing and equipping a leadership team from within the youth of OEFC to do ministry in and outside the church.

Personal ministry

  • Work directly with youth in a variety of group sizes and settings to minister to the diverse needs of youth and to move all students closer to Christ; a contact report may occasionally be assigned to focus ministry and to assist in ministry evaluation.
  • Minister to the families of youth, especially in the areas relating to their middle and high school children.

Personal development

  • Seek to grow spiritually, professionally and interpersonally; his/her personal development is seen to be valuable to the youth and the entire church body.

How to apply

Email cover letter and resume to apply2oxboro@gmail.com.

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