Employment (Churches)

Senior Pastor

Hingham Church, Hingham, Wisconsin

Be the primary communicator, teacher and shepherd of the congregation.

Ministry description

Hingham Church is searching for a gifted senior pastor who will be the primary communicator, teacher and shepherd of the congregation. We’re looking for someone with the motivational and operational leadership skills to guide a healthy vibrant church into new opportunities to advance the gospel in Eastern Wisconsin.


  • Evidence of a true heart for God and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Irreproachable Christian character and a good reputation with those inside and outside the church
  • Agreement with the doctrinal statement of Hingham Church and willingness to abide by its bylaws
  • Ordination in the EFCA and adherence to the EFCA Statement of Faith
  • Clear demonstration of personal integrity, institutional loyalty and ability to function as a team player
  • Personal, functional systems of accountability
  • Strong organizational, communication and time management skills
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to be resourceful and flexible in changing situations


  • Provide spiritual leadership to the church in all of its activities
  • Preach the gospel faithfully
  • Administer the ordinances
  • Serve as an elder
  • Tenderly watch over the membership and spiritual interests of the church
  • Organize and develop the church’s strengths for optimal kingdom impact

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