Employment (Churches)

Senior Pastor

Trinity Church, South Bend, Indiana

Lead the congregation with clear focus, direction and a plan of action to grow and reach new people with God's redemptive love.

Ministry description

Trinity Church is a healthy church that is ripe with potential. The people are friendly, the staff is talented and the facility is filled with amazing space for ministry. It is clear the congregation wants to grow and reach new people with God's redemptive love, but they need a clear focus, direction and plan-of-action to make it happen.


  • Talent and passion in preaching/communication with a high view of Scripture and focus on practical application
  • A theological master's degree
  • Theological alignment and support for the EFCA Statement of Faith
  • No less than five years of full-time senior pastor ministry experience or equivalent in a multi-staff setting
  • Appreciation for a multi-generational congregation with multiple worship styles


  • Be passionate about the power of the gospel to transform lives and encourage God's people to live on mission as reproducing disciples who actively engage their faith and their world
  • Be relatable and transparent in the pulpit, succinctly teaching truth with an attitude of grace, compassion and patience without compromising the truth
  • Lovingly challenge people to trust God
  • Stimulate people to think about the message throughout the week, to step out in new ways and to find joy in helping others take their next steps on the faith journey
  • Establish a strong team dynamic with a talented staff of 17 full- and part-time employees and lead them to organize and orchestrate a meaningful and effective ministry environment.
  • Model disciplemaking personally and ministerially

How to apply

Please request an Opportunity Snapshot for this position by contacting:

Kara Bubar, Search Associate
NL Moore & Associates

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