Employment (Churches)

Senior Pastor

Emmanuel EFC, Plevna, Montana

Minister to the members through teaching, couseling and equipping. Seek to bring others to know the Lord.

Ministry description

Preach the Word of God. Minister to the members by encouraging, equipping, teaching, praying for, counseling and visiting them. Evangelizing and seeking to bring others (young or old) to know the Lord.


  • A born-again Christian who acknowledges that his salvation is obtained only by the grace of God through faith and who knows that God has called him to be a pastor (and has the credentials to demonstrate his education)
  • An absolute belief that the entire Word of God is inspired and true
  • Having the desire to share Christ whenever possible and counsel individuals in their walk of faith
  • Has daily devotions and prayer time


  • Preach the Word of God; pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and immerse yourself in His Word to help your flock to grow in their faith
  • Visit and pray with those of the church who may be ill, recovering from surgeries and those who may be in nursing homes or other facilities
  • Visit with people of the community socially, but also seek to know their spiritual needs
  • Be willing to help with AWANA activities as well as Bible School activities and other possible children/youth activities
  • Oversee and administer communion, dedication of children, baptisms, weddings, funerals and other possible church functions

How to apply

Send your resume to Jean Brenner (Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church Sunday School Superintendent) at brenj@rocketmail.com.

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