Employment (Churches)

Senior Pastor

Castle Rock Community Church, New Orleans, LA

Share the Good News of Jesus Christ in Central City, New Orleans, and beyond so that we are all connected with God, one another, service and the lost.

About Castle Rock Community Church

Castle Rock Community Church (CRCC) is a 20-year member of the EFCA. While this association links us to the denomination, it does not control our ability to lead or make decisions. We are a church that desires “to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in Central City, New Orleans, and beyond so that we are all connected with God, One another, Service and the Lost.”

Church history

Castle Rock Community Church was birthed out of the vision of Urban Impact Ministries (UIM). UIM was founded in 1989 focused on using any means necessary, including sports, tutoring and Bible studies, to share with the youth and families of the Melpomene and Calliope Housing Developments that God had a plan and a purpose for their lives.

In 1991, Pastor John and Wendy Gerhardt joined Urban Impact Ministries with a focus on starting Bible studies, planting a church and coordinating mission teams. Castle Rock was then founded in 1998. Continuing to focus in the Central City area of the city, the church moved to its current location in Hoffman Triangle in May of 2013. The work of the church aligns with the vision of Urban Impact Ministries, which exists for the purpose of “creating a neighborhood in New Orleans where kids can ride their bikes to schools of excellence, a safe place to gather, a home their family owns and a church that cares.”

Community information

Castle Rock is located in Central City New Orleans. The church is dedicated to serving this community and its needs. Central City is 72 percent African-American, the average household income is $37,000/year and 46 percent of its population is living below the federal poverty line. About a quarter of the population (26 percent) 18 years of age or older have not earned a high school diploma.

Church culture

Castle Rock Community Church is a small, family- and community-oriented church with a call to reconcile across lines of race and class. This calling is fleshed out in our worship service, programing and small group discipleship ministries. Our weekly attendance is approximately 50 regular attendees.

Castle Rock and Urban Impact have a unique and wonderful symbiotic relationship. Castle Rock was originally birthed as a ministry of UIM and has become a vital partner in ministry in Central City New Orleans. Both ministries join together in reaching the neighborhood with their unique roles. UIM owns the ministry facilities, and CRCC pays rent to use them. The church also pays partial salaries of shared staff members with UIM. CRCC runs a vital nursery and children’s ministry each week, while UIM draws students in during the week with junior and senior high programing as well as their free summer-long day camp. We look forward to the continued growth and innovation in this partnership.

How to apply

Candidates will be evaluated based on their calling, character, chemistry and competency.

Interested candidates should:

  • Send a resume, cover letter, and names and contact information for at least 3 references to: CRCCpastoralsearch@gmail.com
  • Submit to a third-party background check
  • Be prepared to interview with the Pastoral Search Committee
  • Be willing to attend a second interview in person and deliver a sample sermon

The position will remain open until filled. Priority will be given to candidates whose applications are received by March 31, 2018. The Pastoral Search Committee will select a candidate to be brought before the congregation for a final interview and vote.

More Info

Special Requirements

The pastoral candidate must be qualified in accordance with God’s word (1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Pet. 5:2). Consequently, he will have a life characterized as: above reproach, self-controlled, upright, holy, respectable, hospitable, gentle and disciplined. He must be faithful to his wife, able to teach, not be a heavy drinker, not violent, not quarrelsome or quick tempered and not a lover of money. He must also be able to manage his own family well, including having children who respect and obey him, who are believers and are not wild or disobedient. He must love what is good, be eager to serve, not be a new believer and be able to watch over the congregation as a shepherd to his flock. And finally, people outside the church must speak well of him.

The Senior Pastor candidate shall either be licensed and ordained in the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) or willing to pursue licensing and ordination in the EFCA.