Employment (Churches)

Pastor of Youth and Discipleship

Elim Mission Church, Cokato, Minnesota

A full-time dual position with the primary focus leading the youth ministry and the secondary focus leading and developing small group ministry.

Ministry description

This pastoral role is full-time and is a dual position that provides leadership and direction to the youth ministries (YM) while partnering with the senior pastor in the discipleship process of our church, giving leadership to the development of small groups (SG) and small group leaders. The primary focus of this pastoral position (approximately 70 percent) will be leading the youth ministry. The secondary focus (the remaining 30%) will be leading and developing the Small Group Ministry, which is our main method of adult discipleship.


  • A growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A heart for the gospel
  • A commitment to the authority of Scripture
  • A desire to live authentically
  • A servant's heart
  • A team player


Youth ministry:

  • Responsible to provide leadership, vision and direction to youth ministry in a manner that is consistent with the overall direction and culture of our church
  • Recruit and develop teams of volunteers to do relational ministry and to fulfill the ministry objectives; for YM, weekly communication with parents and students about ministry activity is expected
  • Provide an active presence in our public school
  • Plan and execute events and activities that are helpful in supporting and accomplishing the overall ministry objectives
  • Help provide a greater social media presence for youth ministry and the overall ministry
  • Recruit, train and resource volunteer staff


  • Direct and plan our small group ministry; train leaders and communicate in various ways to the congregation the significance and opportunities small groups afford
  • Partner with senior pastor in overseeing and maintaining all discipleship activities within the church
  • Regularly communicate with discipleship leaders within the church and provide them with necessary resources, including materials and training
  • Periodic preaching on Sunday morning
  • Create and effectively manage the ministry’s budget and submit an annual budget proposal to the stewardship and finance committee for approval
  • Use creativity to plan and execute relevant, new ideas within the ministry
  • Decide on curricula and other teaching materials for discipleship classes, upon approval by the senior pastor
  • Use creative ways to connect new individuals and families to our church through our discipleship process
  • Other duties as assigned by the senior pastor

How to apply

Send resume with cover letter to pastormatt@elimmission.org. If possible, include a video of teaching students.

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