Employment (Churches)

Pastor of Student Ministries

Princeton EFC, Princeton, Minnesota

Lead and shepherd the students and families and support the overall mission/vision of the church.

Ministry description

The primary role of the pastor of student ministries will be to lead and shepherd the students and families of Princeton Free Church. The secondary role will be to provide leadership and support to the lead pastor and board of elders in achieving goals and overall mission/vision of the church.


  • Must meet the qualifications of an elder as stated in Titus 1:5-9; 1 Tim 3:1-13.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent ministry experience/training preferred.
  • This person must also show a motivated desire to model a life of continual learning, growth, repentance and being a faithful follower of Christ by the grace of God.
  • Must be in agreement with the EFCA Statement of Faith and the PEFC Constitution and By-Laws.

Required competencies and skills

  • Leadership skills that reflect servant-leader values, that engender trust among staff and members with whom he regularly works.
  • Strong interpersonal skills that enable him to provide guidance to staff and comfort to members and attenders seeking spiritual support, particularly in times of critical need.
  • Staff management skills that position him as their leader, mentor and coach—the person to whom they will look for direction in their area of ministry and for direct and timely feedback on their effectiveness.
  • Organization and administrative skills to manage the breadth of ministries under his direction and to maintain clear direction for those he is leading.
  • Having a high capacity to provide faithful expository communication of the Word and a demonstrated passion for its truth.

How to apply

All applicants interested in applying for this position can email their resumes to princetonfreechurch@gmail.com. Read the full job description here.

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