Employment (Churches)

Pastor of Student Ministries

Crossview Church, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Lead a God-honoring and fruitful ministry to junior and senior high school students.

Character and Ministry Values

These are areas all Crossview Church staff are living out and growing in:

  • Christ-centeredness - Maintains a consistent connection and commitment to Christ; Seeks His direction and strength in fulfilling ministry responsibilities; Seeks to model Christian life; Exhibits Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control). Gal 5:22-23.
  • Self-Management - Organizes & prioritizes well; Uses time efficiently; Consistently produces quality work; Meets deadlines; Actively seeks to improve job skills; Seeks to develop, improve, and maintain a high level of professional knowledge for given areas of responsibility.
  • People First/Servanthood - Values and respects each individual they interact with; Expresses a warm, friendly, gracious attitude; Humbly willing to pitch in and do "whatever it takes" to accomplish what is needed; Seeks to go "above and beyond" for the sake of others.
  • Teamwork/Relationships - Works well on a team; Helpful to coworkers; Works effectively with others; Accepts constructive feedback; Supports teamwork through open and honest communication; Encourages and recognizes the contributions of others; Fully engaged in team activities and meetings; Resolves conflicts gracefully; Guards the unity of the team.
  • Communication - Speaks and writes clearly; Listens to others; Shows sensitivity and caring; Responds promptly to inquires; Maintains confidentiality; Represents Crossview Church well in all interactions with others.
  • Supervisory Skills - Demonstrates alignment with our mission and DNA; Helps volunteers be successful by: Clarifying roles and responsibilities; providing needed information/resources to fulfill role and responsibilities; Eliminating unnecessary barriers to getting work done; Offering constructive feedback/input; Providing encouragement and support.
  • Ministry Leadership - Provides a clear vision for his/her area of responsibility; Outlines strategies and tactics for accomplishing that vision; Evaluates effectiveness of strategy and implementation; Makes adjustments as needed based on results and feedback; Has effective processes in place for communicating news, strategies, and goals to teammates; Delegates work appropriately; Manages ministry budgets. This value looks at your overall leadership of your ministry.
  • Team Leadership - Builds, Structures for effectiveness, Empowers, Equips, Coaches, Evaluates and Encourages teams within primary ministry areas. This value looks at the health and effectiveness of the teams you lead.

Primary Assignment

  • Develop and implement a philosophy of ministry that will move Jr. and Sr. high students toward Christ-centeredness. This should be aligned with our mission of Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World.
  • Shepherd, equip, and develop adult volunteers who will shepherd the students of our church and community. Continue to foster the great team culture that presently exists.
  • Lead disciple-making environments that foster spiritual growth in Jr. high and Sr. high students.
  • Create, administrate, and develop events, mission trips, retreats, and activities that foster a healthy student ministry.
  • Accurately teach the Bible in ways that are developmentally focused toward Jr. and Sr. high students.
  • Be a resource to parents of teens and seek to build environments that will assist them in parenting their teen in a Godly manner.
  • Build relationships with and provide pastoral care to Jr. and Sr. high students, as well as their parents.
  • Develop relationships with the Jr. and Sr. high schools in our community and create potential outreach opportunities.
  • Become a student of adolescent faith development and youth ministry through continuing educational opportunities (seminars, conferences, and possible graduate or post grad studies).
  • Connect with other youth pastors in our denominational district (EFCA-FLD)

Secondary Assignment

As a member of our pastoral staff team you may be required to occasionally do the following:

  • Preach a sermon during weekend worship services
  • Participate in leading a weekend worship service (do announcements, communion, or prayer)
  • Provide pastoral care to an adult member of our church body
  • Provide pre-marital counseling and officiate a wedding
  • Officiate funerals, baptisms, and child dedications
  • Other duties as needed or required to help us fulfill our mission

How to apply

Contact Senior Pastor, Dan DeRoche - dan@crossviewrapids.org

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