Employment (Churches)

Pastor of Hispanic Ministries

Shoreline Community Church, Santa Barbara, California

Teach and shepherd the flock already at El Amor de Dios and develop evangelism outreach among our Hispanic neighborhood.



  • A bachelor’s degree in Theology or Bible, or the equivalent
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in pastoral ministry


  • The ability to work well with others, and as part of a team
  • The ability to express Christ’s grace and patience with people in and outside the church
  • You must continually fulfill the requirements for shepherd found in 1 Tim 3 and Titus 1
  • You must be self-motivated (we will mentor and train, but you must be entrepreneurial)


1. Develop an evangelism outreach from Shoreline among our Hispanic neighbors. This requires being heavily involved with our Immigrant Hope ministry and working effectively with our director, Diane Martinez, to display the gospel both in words and deeds. It also involves any creative outreaches that help our people come in contact with those who don’t know Christ.

**Immigrant Hope is our immigration help ministry for those who are seeking paths to citizenship. We provide free/reduced legal aid to those who have questions about immigration, and offer classes and support for immigrants. It is located on our campus, and many, many Hispanics come to our church seeking help. We have begun a Bible study for those who are interested and pray with many of our clients. We have led a number to Christ. It is one of the ways we are seeking to live out the gospel in our neighborhood.

2. Teach and shepherd the flock already at El Amor de Dios. This involves leading Bible studies and prayer meetings, planning services, doing sermons, discipling believers, and helping each believer discover and implement their gifts and calling. Our preference is expositional preaching from the pulpit.

3. Create and grow small Bible study and fellowship groups within El Amor de Dios where believers can grow closer to each other and to their Lord. It also involves recruiting, teaching and training small group leaders to multiply the ministry of small groups.

4. Provide pastoral counseling and care for those who are hurting, confused, sick, lonely and in need of visitation. It also involves, at times, confronting those who are rebellious and causing issues, and directing them to make necessary changes. Training others to fulfill some of these roles is also important.

5. Develop leadership. Mentoring others to help them grow in Christlikeness and therefore be able to take on leadership within the church is one of our primary goals. Multiply your leadership by empowering others to do the ministry with you.

6. Work well with the leadership of the church to integrate El Amor de Dios into the mission and life of Shoreline Community Church. Help us plan joint activities and ministries that fulfill the mission of Shoreline Community Church: To help people find their way to Jesus! We are one church, not several meeting at the same place. Help us to communicate that vision.

**Obviously, the pastor must be Hispanic and fluent in Spanish.

How to apply

Send your resume to Pastor Dan Schaeffer.

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