Employment (Churches)

Pastor of Discipleship

Sparta Evangelical Free Church, Sparta, New Jersey

Assist in the pastoral duties while developing and overseeing of the assimilation of those in the church.

Ministry description

The pastor of discipleship is a man who shall assist in the pastoral duties while emphasizing the development and oversight of the assimilation of individuals and families into the body of Christ at SEFC. He will be responsible for the discipling and equipping ministries of the church so as to develop believers to serve the Lord with passion according to the spiritual gifts God has given them. He will also oversee the care ministry of the church and provide pastoral oversight for the deacon ministry.


The pastor of discipleship shall be a man with character and integrity that is consistent with God’s Word. His spiritual life, character, carriage, demeanor, education, training and attitude must always represent Christ and His Church. This takes constant effort through prayer, scriptural study, professional growth, education, training and personal fellowship with the congregation.

  • He shall meet the same qualifications as the senior pastor (1 Tim 3:2-7; Titus 1:6-9; 1 Pet 5:2-3)
  • He shall be a man with exceptional relational and administrative skills
  • An undergraduate degree related to biblical studies or Christian ministry is preferred along with a graduate degree in divinity, theology or its equivalent


Pastoral duties

  • Assist in church services
  • Assist senior pastor with pastoral duties (funerals, weddings, special functions)
  • Occasionally assist in preaching
  • Assist in pastoral counseling when necessary

Discipleship and equipping


  • Create ongoing opportunities to develop relationships with individuals and families in the church with a goal of discipling them toward spiritual maturity
  • Develop and oversee assimilation teams for the purpose of encouraging individuals and families to become active in worship, learning and serving in the church body
  • Coordinate and oversee welcome center, greeter and usher ministries


  • Organize and oversee the adult discipleship ministry of the church
  • Curriculum management
  • Implementation of new Study and Life Groups
  • Teach weekly life group(s)
  • Teach, train and encourage additional lay-leadership facilitating the birth of additional small groups
  • Develop and organize a mentor/discipleship program
  • Organize and promote special events to encourage spiritual growth in church body and community


  • Oversee and disciple by equipping individuals to serve in local church ministry through:
    • Spiritual gifts assessment
    • Identifying their God-given personality and passions
    • Ministry placement of membership and regular attendees

Care ministry:

  • Lead and manage special care-focused ministries (i.e. recovery ministry, grief share, community care ministries, etc.)
  • Lead the deacons regarding addressing needs within the church body
  • Visit the elderly, sick, hospitalized and those grieving in cooperation with the deacons of the church

How to apply

Please send cover letter and resume to office@spartaefc.org.

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