Employment (Churches)

Next Generation Pastor

Evangelical Free Church of Bozeman, Montana

Full-time role to coach, direct and lead the ministry from birth through college age.

Ministry description

This new leader has the opportunity to coach, direct and lead the charge from “cradle to college” for the church. This pastor will provide oversight for the children’s director, have direct responsibilities for students and partner with Montana State’s campus ministry leadership (Cru and InterVarsity) to provide pastoral connection and care to college students. Investing in—and casting a vision for—the future, embracing a holistic approach to next generation ministries and partnering with discipleship pastor to implement a culture of discipleship to this segment of the congregation are just some of the exciting elements this next pastor will be called upon to lead with excellence.


  • Bachelor’s degree from a Christian college minimum; Master’s preferred
  • Three to five years of experience with demonstrated capacity for growing ministries
  • Theologically aligned with the Evangelicall Free Chruch of America (EFCA)
  • High emotional and relational intelligence
  • Experience in a multi-staff setting, with a preference and motivation for a “team” dynamic in the workplace
  • Relationally driven


The Evangelical Free Church of Bozeman in Bozeman, Montana, is ready to welcome an energized and relational leader as their next generation pastor. The time is right for a gifted leader who is passionate about the next generation, to oversee children and student ministry directors effectively, and craft a new and refreshed vision for ministry to students and kids.

How to apply

For more information contact:
Jamie Sipsma
Senior Consultant

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