Employment (Churches)

Middle School Ministry Resident - Male

Two Rivers Church, Knoxville, Tennessee

Opportunity to consider vocational ministry experiencing student ministry and discerning calling and giftedness.

Two Rivers Church is a multi-campus community and a rapidly growing church in West Knoxville and Roane County, TN. For the past 20 years, we have been reaching our community with the good news that our God of love is near, and He wants to transform our lives! We believe that as God’s children we are called to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We feel called to multiply ministries and leaders locally and globally, and this includes training residents to be the best pastors possible. Our middle school ministry has over 130 students actively involved and attending our weekly Wednesday night gathering called "The Mix."

The purposes of the resident positions in Student Ministries at 2RC are:

  1. To train and equip those considering full time vocational ministry for current and future Kingdom service.
  2. To give those considering full time vocational ministry a structured opportunity to experience student ministry first-hand and discern their own calling and giftedness.
  3. To equip residents in additional areas of ministry within the church, allocating ⅓ of residency.


  • 40+ hours per week
  • Two-year commitment
  • Reports to middle school pastor


  • Salary + free housing
  • Monthly stipend for health insurance
  • Unlimited supply of M&M’s
  • One frisbee golf disc

Start Date: June 2019

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  • Active growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Male
  • Completed four-year bachelor’s degree by May 2019
  • One to two years volunteer experience at a church, camp or other parachurch ministry focused on students
  • Must be regularly attending and serving at a church
  • Must be faithfully showing leadership qualities as outlined in 1 Tim 3


  • To have contact with students on a weekly basis
  • To be actively involved in planning and leading camps, retreats, activities and weekly programs; this may include making reservations, shopping, set-up, promotion, etc.
  • To be involved in planning and leading out Project Serve, our local summer service trip each year
  • To be involved in staff meetings and Resident Development (a program that meets weekly), which includes mentoring by our senior staff leadership
  • To spend time in study, reading and preparation for events and training
  • To assist in recruitment, training and nurture of volunteers
  • To be actively involved in leading and equipping small groups
  • To help with whatever ongoing administrative tasks might need to be done
  • To have set office time each week to be available to assist student ministry staff
  • To be involved with another area of ministry within the church for up to ⅓ of time as a resident
  • To help in giving lessons and teaching on Wednesday nights

Weekly involvement in:

  • Personal spiritual disciplines
  • Set office time
  • Personal and staff reading/discussion
  • Weekend worship service at 2RC
  • "The Mix," Wednesdays 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
  • Planned activities during the week
  • Relational ministry to students
  • Equipping ministry to adult volunteers
  • Intern development process

How to apply

To apply, please send a resume to Tami Hodges.

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