Employment (Churches)

Junior High Youth Pastor

Woodlands Church, Plover, Wisconsin

Seeking an experienced individual with a calling and passion for middle school-aged teens and pre-teens leading a multi-faceted youth program.

Ministry description

The junior high youth pastor shall be an experienced individual with a unique calling and passion for middle school-aged teens and pre-teens. This individual will possess a dynamic personality that integrates well with both youth and adults, and will see a need and have a vision for developing other mature, Christ-like adults to come alongside and minister to youth, as well as lean into a partnership with parents. This individual will have a proven track record of leading a multi-faceted youth program, and will be an effective, creative communicator who is also a natural shepherd possessing these intrinsic qualities: flexibility, graciousness, self-motivation, caring, organization, creativity, and be adventurous and a good listener, as well.


  • A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ
  • A person of clear Christ-like character, maturity and godly reputation who meets the qualifications described in 1 Tim 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9
  • Sincerely loves people with a shepherd’s heart and aches for the lost
  • Has a clear calling specifically to youth ministry
  • Prefer five years of experience leading youth ministry
  • Has a successful track record of recruiting, equipping, making disciples and multiplying volunteers
  • Possesses strong organizational, communication and time management skills
  • A team player who loves being a part of a team and building teams
  • Sees value and joy in longevity, excited to commit to this adventure for the next five years
  • Embraces EFCA Doctrine with a view to being credentialed.


All Woodlands pastoral staff/directors/ministry assistants

  • Christ-centeredness: Maintains a consistent connection and commitment to Christ; seeks His direction and strength in fulfilling ministry responsibilities; seeks to model Christian life; exhibits fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control).
  • Self-management: Organizes and prioritizes well; uses time efficiently; consistently produces high-quality work; meets deadlines; actively seeks to improve job skills; seeks to develop, improve and maintain a high level of professional knowledge for given areas of responsibility.
  • People-first/servanthood: Values and respects each individual they interact with; expresses a warm, friendly, gracious attitude; humbly willing to pitch in and do “whatever it takes” to accomplish what is needed; seeks to go “above and beyond” for the sake of others.
  • Teamwork/relationships: Works well on a team; helpful to coworkers; works effectively with others; accepts constructive feedback; supports teamwork through open and honest communication; encourages and recognizes the contributions of others; fully engaged in team activities and meetings; resolves conflicts gracefully; guards the unity of the team.
  • Flexibility/innovation: Identifies, shares and is receptive to new ideas; adapts to new situations; helps others overcome resistance to change; recognizes problems, finds new and unique solutions to solve them; works to improve existing processes; uses creative and innovative thinking to contribute to organizational and individual objectives; contributes to group processes to set plans and resolve problems.
  • Communication: Speaks and writes clearly; listens to others; shows sensitivity and caring; responds promptly to inquires; maintains confidentiality; represents Woodlands Church well in all interactions with others.

Primary assignment: Program direction

  • Recruit, shepherd, train and release leaders to engage and minister to small groups of students
  • Partner closely with the senior high youth pastor and youth ministry team, casting vision and ministry planning both in advance and in the moment
  • Oversee the key Wednesday night program in all of its aspects
  • Teach in a dynamic expositional, biblical way that is both God-honoring, relevant and applicable on a regular basis
  • Evaluate the ministry with “fresh eyes”; develop a strategy to shore up shortcomings and take the ministry to the “next level”
  • Ensure that all youth, staff and volunteers are served in a grace-filled and safe environment

Primary assignment: Communication

  • Provide counsel to youth and families as needs arise
  • Cast and communicate church and ministry vision and mission to the youth and leaders
  • Provide communication and training/teaching opportunities for families
  • Support Woodlands Church’s greater mission by participating in weekly pastoral staff meetings, volunteering and/or graciously receiving “other” pastoral duties
  • Have a genuine, passionate heart for junior high students

Primary assignment: Events and trips

  • With the team, plan, promote and execute ministry events, trainings and meetings with excellence to all groups of people within the youth ministry purview (students, leaders, parents)
  • Partner with the director of programming and the senior high youth pastor to plan and lead special events and trips

How to apply

Email: search@woodlandschurch.org.

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