Employment (Churches)

Family Pastor

Lakeview Community Church, Cedar Hill, Texas

Seeking a practitioner who will grow the church in disciplemaking and provide appropriate pastoral care and counsel to members.

Ministry description

The Family Pastor will be a proven disciplemaking practitioner who will help our church grow in the area of disciplemaking. This person will be hired to provide appropriate pastoral care and counsel to members of the church, and to help us engage with and serve the communities in which we live and minister. This person would also be expected to teach or preach on occasion, and the position would report to the Lead Pastor.


  • A deep love for people, especially those who have yet to place their faith in Jesus and those who have had bad experiences with church
  • The ability to connect with people of all faith traditions, political persuasions, socioeconomic categories, ages, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and backgrounds
  • The skill to converse with people about a range of biblical and theological issues and the humility to admit you don’t have all the answers.
  • Biblical/theological education is preferred



  • Provide appropriate and timely pastoral care and counseling to church members and attenders. This would include home and hospital visits, shared meals, and other such activities
  • Champion pastoral care in Life Groups as the first line of care at the church. Ensure that expectations for care are clear and leaders and members are appropriately trained and equipped (again, as delineated in our Leadership Pipeline)
  • Model and practice the mentoring of and development of persons in the church. That is, this person must be a practitioner of disciplemaking, calling and equipping others to do only what they themselves are already doing


  • Equip, mobilize, and energize the church to love and serve our neighbors, near and far. This would be done through our Life Groups in the communities where they already are (all over the DFW metroplex), as well as in Cedar Hill, where our church building is located


  • Preach in our weekend worship service, as needed and desired. As of now, we have a part-time non-salaried person who preaches one Sunday out of every month. We anticipate this person will remain with us, in which case this new staff hire will not need to preach much (a few times per year, unless otherwise desired). However, should we need to part ways with our part-time preaching help (the likely reason would be funding), the expectations would change here. Then the expectation would be to preach at least once per month.

How to apply

Submit your cover letter and resume to Amanda Bodien at abodien@lakeview-church.org

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