Employment (Churches)

Equipping Pastor

Wawasee Community Bible Church, Milford, Indiana

Be a relational leader, intent on knowing people, shepherding their spiritual growth and equipping them for ministry service.

Ministry description

This pastor will have the people of Wawasee Bible and their spiritual growth as his primary focus. He will be responsible for connecting people into ministries and service, and then for building, equipping, releasing and overseeing ministry teams at Wawasee Bible via a leadership pipeline model. (Some specific areas of focus will be 1:10 Community Group leaders, student ministry directors, welcome/connections team and others.)

This person will manage the creation and implementation of effective ministry structures in these areas as well as fostering a culture of spiritual leadership development—from identifying goals to creating training resources and managing the implementation of those things.


  • True believer in Jesus Christ, who as a growing disciple and has a history of making disciples who make disciples
  • Clear call into ministry through the local church
  • Strategic thinker with knack for tactical implementation
  • Ability to manage, team with and oversee other ministry/volunteer staff
  • Has obtained or is willing to work toward ministerial credentialing within the EFCA
  • Healthy family relationships; able to balance priorities between home and ministry
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both interpersonally as well as in public settings
  • Prefer a minimum of five years’ experience in a ministry position (though we are open to the right person with demonstrated giftedness)


The equipping pastor will report directly to the lead pastor. He will oversee most ministry teams at Wawasee Bible. He will be a relational leader, intent on knowing people within our church and shepherding their spiritual growth, assimilation into community and equipping for ministry service.

The scope of responsibilities can be roughly divided as follows:

Ministry—40 percent

  • Personal investment into people with a process for spiritual formation and multiplying disciples
  • Implement and regularly evaluate an effective plan and strategy for ongoing disciplemaking, integrated with leadership development
  • Facilitate ongoing training and equipping to enhance active involvement into relational ministry opportunities both within, outside and through Wawasee Bible
  • Engage with teams of people who bring life, action and synergy to these initiatives

Leadership—40 percent

  • Oversight, leadership and ongoing development of ministry leadership pipeline at Wawasee Bible
  • Directional guidance of relational ministries such as 1:10 Community Groups, connections team, student ministries, men’s ministries, women’s ministries, counseling, visitation, etc.
  • Primary strategist for volunteerism and leadership development
  • Maximize internal ministries toward being a sending, “externally-focused” church that invests into equipping and sending people for works of service; this will include a focus on developing relationships within the geographic community

Pastoral—20 percent

  • Occasional involvement in a “pastoral role” toward: public prayer, visitation, weddings, funerals, counseling, etc. (all is pastoral, but specifically in view here are activities outside of regular ministry/leadership development)
  • Ability to preach periodically
  • Various other special assigned responsibilities as called upon

How to apply

Read through the full job profile available at wawaseebible.com/hiring.

Send a copy of your resume (include two to three personal/professional references), affirmation of the EFCA Statement of Faith, and cover letter to:

Wawasee Community Bible Church
2035 East 1300 North
Milford, Indiana 46542

You may also fax your materials to: 574.658.9199 or email them to hiring@wawaseebible.com. For information about out church please visit our website or email hiring@wawaseebible.com with any questions.

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