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EFCA Midwest District

Seeking a proven leader to act as a catalyst for the development of healthy, disciple-multiplying churches in Nebraska, Kansas and the Kansas City metro area.

The Midwest District of the EFCA looks forward to the service and leadership of our next superintendent. This opportunity is for a proven leader with exceptional relational abilities and the wisdom and heart to act as a catalyst for the development of healthy, disciple-multiplying churches in Nebraska, Kansas and the Kansas City metro area. The next superintendent will capitalize on the distinctive ethos of the Free Church to build strong relationships with the next generation of pastors and to promote ministry among all peoples.

The big picture

The Midwest District of the EFCA is at a crucial and exciting crossroads. The valuable legacy of a district history dating back 125 years is facing new challenges. A generation of older pastors is retiring, and a new generation of young pastors is eager to live out a creative and faithful orthodoxy in an increasingly unorthodox world. Rural communities, once largely untouched by the shifting sands of our culture, are now impacted by some of the same realities as more urban contexts. Small churches are struggling to survive and sometimes to reinvent themselves. Large churches are multiplying venues and leveraging the efficiencies of technology in order to expand their reach and their kingdom impact. Urban churches, ministering among the under-resourced and under-loved, must navigate the difficult waters of both national unrest and genuine injustice. Churches filled with immigrant families must also find their way in a cultural and legal landscape that is sometimes filled with uncertainty. And, in the midst of these social pressures, truth claims like those found in the EFCA Statement of Faith face increasing scrutiny by a world that sees fidelity to the historic truths of Scripture as cultural heresy.

And for all this, the work of God's Kingdom through the power of the gospel continues to move forward marvelously by His grace and Jesus Christ continues to build His church.

The district

The Midwest District of the Evangelical Free Church of America is comprised of over 100 churches in Nebraska, Kansas and the Kansas City Metro area. These churches minister in rural, suburban and urban settings and have congregations ranging from fewer than 50 to well over 1000 members. Despite its diversity, the Midwest District EFCA has a vital history of strong connection between its churches and pastors. This connection has proven to be crucially important in the commitment to see the work of the church flourish among all peoples.

Under the faithful leadership of retiring superintendent Dr. Noah Palmer, the staff of the Midwest District includes those devoted to facilitating and promoting international missions, student ministries, All People ministry, theological credentialing and church planting. The board of directors of the Midwest District EFCA believes that the district is uniquely positioned to grow in both health and impact for the sake of the gospel.

The location

Nebraska and Kansas are part of the Great Plains, with unexpectedly diverse geography and a beauty all their own. From the sweeping vistas of western Nebraska's buttes and mesas to the fertile plains of the Missouri River valley, the Cornhusker state is known for its hospitality, traditional values and fervor for anything "Big Red." The Kansas River flows from tributaries on the high plains in the west to the wide Missouri in the east, passing by the homes of the K-State Wildcats, the KU Jayhawks and into the heart of a city overflowing with loyal Chiefs and Royals fans. From the urban centers of Kansas City, Omaha and Wichita to the suburbs of Overland Park and to countless rural towns connecting the Great Plains, the Midwest District churches demonstrate significant diversity within a distinctly Midwestern subculture. From aircraft manufacturing plants to vast sand hills dotted with cattle to fields full of grain, the states of Kansas and Nebraska sit literally and figuratively at the heart of a nation.

The candidate

This is a unique opportunity for a mature shepherd to encourage pastors and to foster the growth of healthy, disciplemaking churches with a view to making a regional and global impact for the kingdom of God. A high emotional intelligence will complement astute and careful theological thinking in the man of God who is able to articulate an unshakeable commitment to God's eternal truth in a manner that is winsome and sensitive to the ever-shifting issues of our day. He will be skilled at coming alongside churches in order to help them navigate through conflict to achieve creative solutions and a unified vision for God's glory. Consistent with the distinctives of the EFCA, the superintendent will be a persuasive influencer, capable of building trust-based, Christ-inhabited relationships with pastors and churches across generational, racial and social lines. He will both promote and share in a compelling narrative on behalf of diverse churches in order to bring cooperation and alignment among churches, resulting in greater impact for the kingdom of God.

The qualifications

The next superintendent will have an unwavering support and understanding of the theology and doctrines of the EFCA as expressed in its Statement of Faith. As a deep theological thinker and effective communicator, he will uphold the ethos of the Free Church by cultivating unity in the essentials and promoting charity in the non­ essentials. He will be EFCA ordained (or willing to be ordained) with a graduate degree in theology or a related field of study (M.Div. or higher preferred).

Ideally, the candidate will be experienced in providing leadership to churches of varying size, including a team at a multi-staff church. As a relational person with a shepherd's heart, he should be energized by interactions with others and be able to relate in a wide variety of contexts. Some experience in cross-cultural ministry and/or church-planting is desired. The candidate should be open to regular travel and a significant amount of time "on the road" for the purpose of connecting with churches and pastors across the district.

Next steps

For more information, please contact:

Scott DeWitt
Chairman, Search Committee Hastings, Nebraska
(402) 463-1441

David Ballast
Chairman, Board of Directors Midwest District EFCA
(785) 863-9260

Cindy Renteria
Executive Assistant Midwest District Office
(308) 455-0878

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