Employment (Churches)

Director of Worship

Hope Community Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Engage believers and draw seekers to adore Christ through our coporate worship gatherings.

Ministry description

Our vision is to honor God by helping as many people as possible become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Honoring God through worship is a top priority of HCC. Our corporate worship gatherings are vitally important as we desire to engage believers and draw seekers to adore Christ.

Although our worship has taken different forms at Hope in our 23-year history, in this next season we aim to create a more thorough and comprehensive worship experience as we gather weekly in the following manner:

  • Increase engagement in worship
  • Broaden our worship style and music to reach more people
  • Employ and incorporate a diversity of people and elements to achieve this

We are now searching for our next director of worship who would lead our downtown Minneapolis worship team with passion and enrich the corporate church in gathered worship. The next director of worship will help our church to be even more relevant and reverent in our worship services, attract new people, engage believers, and, ultimately, help change the landscape of the Twin Cities.


The right individual will have a personal and vital relationship with Jesus Christ and believe in the vision and mission of HCC. They will have a knowledge of and love for the Bible. They will have experience in worship ministry and proven leadership capabilities. Degree in a related field is preferred. People (men and women) from a diverse variety of backgrounds, cultures and experiences are encouraged to apply.

This person will need an increased capacity to lead and care for teams of talented musicians, administrate many details, communicate effectively, and aid the people of HCC to worship God in fullness. They will also be highly gifted in the areas of music leading, understanding music theory, instrumentation, vocals, team execution, training others musically, developing leaders and administration. Other desired traits are flexible, self-motivated, hard worker, people-oriented, reliable, consistent, team player, encourager, humble, vulnerable and the ability to keep confidential information.


Worship service

  • Plan and lead weekly worship services in partnership with the senior pastoral staff
  • Plan and lead weekly worship team rehearsals in collaboration with other worship leaders (both staff and non-staff)

Worship team

  • Create and maintain a culture and community amongst worship team members of knowing and being known, caring for and being cared by others
  • Hold auditions to regularly bring new members onto the team
  • Mentor and train younger worship leaders


  • Oversee team scheduling to ensure instrumental coverage, honor musician availability and avoid volunteer burnout
  • Communicate weekly with respective worship team members; includes providing all necessary materials with sufficient lead time before rehearsal and Sunday worship (at least one week prior to rehearsal)
  • Research new worship songs as well as special songs


  • Budget (preparation and strategy with tech director about sound equipment needs, etc)
  • Expenses (tracking and maintaining budgetary framework)
  • Handle financial accounts, shipping/receiving, communication, vendor relationships, etc. for all Hope Hymns materials

Staff team

  • Attend executive and all staff meetings
  • Miscellaneous projects and other tasks at supervisor’s discretion
  • Represent Christ and Hope Community Church to volunteers and the community, including being prepared to share the Christian beliefs that Hope holds and lead by example in both their personal and professional life

How to apply

Submit cover letter, resume and video demonstrating musicianship/leadership (if possible) to olivia@hopecc.com by June 21, 2019.

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